slightly ot - cheapest online supermarket delivery

Not feeling up to shopping at the moment (horrible nausea most days). I've only ever shopped supermarket shopped online once with tesco with a free delivery. Any recommendations for who to try?



  • Ive used them all with various vouchers etc, theyre all fine but I use asda the most as cheapest. Did you see my post on fb about mysupermarket? Defo the way to do it first time :-)

  • We have been doing waitrose recently, as we got freebies on our first shop, then £70 off over the next 4, so worked out well.

  • I use tesco, as I find it quickest to use and cheep if we have it deliver after 9pm on a week day. I've also used asda and sainsburys when I had vouchers.

  • Another vote for mysupermarket, they compare four different supermarket prices.

  • I have switched from on line to click & collect.  With Asda it is free, and it means I'm not sitting around the house waiting for them and yet still avoid having to go around the shops.  

  • We used Tesco and pay monthly for delivery.

  • Thanks, gonna have an early night, but will read through all of this again tomorrow & get a delivery sorted

  • Mysupermarket has changed my life, it is brilliant. I have found that Asda tends to be the cheapest.

  • I've used Tesco and Sainsburys in the past but I got fed up with them always being out of stock when it came to basics such as bread and milk!

    I then started shopping with Ocado mainly because I had a voucher for £20 off a £70 pound shop, which I thought was handy. I don't think their delivery charges differ much from all the others, but obviously some days/times are more expensive like with the other online supermarkets. We signed up to their Smart Pass where we paid an amount up front to cover delivery charges for 12 months. Can't remember exact numbers but it seemed a lot to pay out in one go but when we we worked it out, it meant we were saving quite a bit on the delivery charges. Plus, we could have more than one shop a week if we wanted. We can't fault Ocado, food is always good quality, service excellent and I rarely get sent substitutions as they have everything I've ordered!

  • Sainsburys have an offer of £15 off your first shop (I think the minimum spend is £60). We normally use asda either for a delivery or as JB says I often do click and collect and just nip past to pick if up if I'm heading out somewhere.

    Our local supermarket is sainsburys so I only did their online to use the £15 discount, but because I never ordered online again (although I do go to the actual store all the time!) I got an email in February to let me know they had credited my account with a 3 month free delivery voucher, so I can have groceries delivered at anytime I want so even the most expensive slots, as many times as I want in the 3 months as long as each order is £40.

    The huge positive of asda over sainsburys is if you choose to take substitutions and they have to make any, asda honour the price of the original item you bought, so for example if you bought say Colgate toothpaste on offer for £1 and they didn't have the one you wanted but sent you a sub of different Colgate toothpaste that was £2, you still just pay £1 if you take the item, sainsburys though charge you whatever the price is off the substitute item which annoys me (I'm still ordering from them for my free delivery though!)

  • I found asda the cheapest but their substitution ideas drive me mad! For example they gave me 4 months plus porridge when I'd ordered Ella's kitchen little round ones for my then 16 month old! And I know you don't have to accept the substituted items but then you end up having to go to the shops any way to get the stuff you needed but the didn't have which defeats the point! I found sainsburys quite expensive when I used them - £70 for 4 bags of shopping and it was only basic stuff! I'm currently trialling tesco at the most but will be watching this with interest.

  • We've recently started doing the click & collect from Asda. I've always like Asda but we only have a living store here so couldn't do food shopping and they've recently started the click & collect from there for free. We've only had 1 really odd substitution so far (malt vinegar instead of balsamic - so I could live without that) but otherwise we've been very pleased as you only have to spend £25 as well. So I don't feel like I'm adding extra bit and pieces just to get up to the spend amount. We've also managed to get the odd coupon for money back too with their 10% cheaper promise, so that's an added bonus too in my mind.

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