Sling help please!

hi, I've been looking at a preloved Lenny lamb ring sling I'd really like but I have no idea on the price of them?! 

Its the jaquard red fantasy bamboo/cotton mix and they're asking £45 inc postage. 

Also, is this material strong enough to carry a toddler (she's currently about 24lbs.)

thanks for your help x


  • A woven ring sling will be fine to carry a 2yo. Have you used one before though? One shouldered carries aren't the most comfortable especially with a big weight and can be a bit a of a learning curve to get right, they are great though once you have the knack.

    I'm rubbish on pricing, preloved is always good though as the fabric is softer meaning easier to use.
  • Thanks Isis (I love that name btw!) no I've never used one before but it seems to be the answer to what I'm looking for. I carry both girls on my hip as it seems to be most comfortable for me so was after something to mimic this and help take the weight (especially my toddler!) I'd be using it of they were being a bit clingy and wanting a carry but still leaving my hands free to do things and something that would be easy to grab and put on quickly. Does that sound like a ring sling?

  • A ring sling is perfect for lots of ups and downs, I used one most with a toddler when they're being clingy etc. they can just be a bit tricky at first to get comfortable but as soon as you know then it's really easy.

  • I paid £45 preloved for my LL rs. Sounds about right. It's great for sticking on quickly

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