slingers-advice needed re stretchy wrap

I had a connecta for my first daughter and liked it but tbh never really used it. I sold it as didn't think we'd have another. A sling wasn't my priority for no 2 but I picked up a stretchy wrap called a hugabub cheap 2bd hand and love it when I get it right but rarely do. Is it something I am doing wrong or do they just tend to sag? She is only 11lb but isl slips down round my waist within 2 mins on a bad day but even within an hour on a good one. It does the job for pottering round house and settling her to sleep but I'd love to wear it out. 


  • I haven't ever heard of a hugabub but I do use a Kari Me stretchy wrap.  I can wear Orla for hours without it sagging or slipping.  .  The only thing I can think is that you aren't tying it tight enough.  You need to tie it tight against your body.  

  • As jb said I've never heard of one of those. I had a moby which I could wear p in for ages and she never slipped down. I do remember that you had to tie it tighter than I initially thought though.

  • Thanks. I'll try tying it super tight and see how we get on. Might also see if I can find a sling library to try out others. She'd literally sleep in it all day and it's so much more convenient than spending ages trying to settle her or sitting stuck on the sofa.

  • Umm i wonder as it's 2nd hand if a much larger baby was carried in it and it has stretched too much. A friend had a caboo that she couldn't get right that this had happened to. I would get along to a sling library and try out some others if you still can't get it right, but I have heard that you do need to tie it more tightly than you think for a stretchy. I've only used a woven or full buckle carrier, so can't help any more I'm afraid.

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