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Slinging question

When you do a back carry what do you do about your hair? I think I'd have to have mine in a very tight bun or Ben will just pull it.  I'm really keen to do back Carrys but this is putting me off!


  • I had short hair so wasn't a problem but now I'd probably just stick it in a bun

  • I had to put mine up quite tight or A would just mess it up completely.

  • My hair is long so I either put it in a bun or in a pony tail but pull the hair forward so it hangs down my front. She doesn't really play with my hair but if she does it hurts less if she pulls entire ponytail, rather than a few strands.

  • I don't tie it up, O is usually more interested in the surroundings. I do gather it over one shoulder so it's out of the way.

  • I put it in a fairly high up bun or a side ponytail or a plait to the side. My hair is pretty long though so I couldn't leave it loose.

  • Thanks for the replies. I definitely couldn't leave it loose, for one I'd be too hot as its quite long and two Ben would have a field day! He doesn't really have any hair and at 8months doesn't really get the concept that it hurts!!!!!!!

  • i tend to wrap all mine up under a baseball cap in the summer as far to hot to have it down. bun/ponytail just gets pulled to pieces! When its cooler i can sometimes tuck it down the collar of my shirt.

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