There’s so much choice!

Which do you love and why?

Ideally, I only want one. And I would like it to be useable when we go to florida, baby will be about 6 months. Not sure if that affects things.

Oh and where the heck do you buy them from?! I’ve been googling but keep coming up with weird little websites. Is that the only choice?


  • Go to a sling meet. I went to one yesterday and you can try them all out. I've decided on a Moby stretchy one. Very often there's a library too so you can change as they get older. I had a google around my local area. It was a really positive thing to do!  I wouldn't buy one until you've tried a few out.

  • I have a close caboo which is a stretchy sling, and the connecta which is structured and buckles. The close was perfect for a teeny tiny baby, it's very snug and secure for them. As its not structured I could feel his weight as he grew. The connecta is better for my H as its easy, quick and IS suitable from tiny, but Henry didn't like it till recently and isn't half as cosy looking.

  • Personally I'd buy a stretchy wrap for when the baby is tiny, but then go along to a sling library once he's here and try them out. I would have bought something unsuitable if I hadn't gone to the library. Go *with* the baby so you can try them out together, as he may hate the one you like and vice versa. A liked the Moby wrap to begin with but after a while started hating it and now we have a Beco Gemini which he loves and will last for a while longer.

  • I'd second the recommendation for a sling library. If you're not looking to spend too much, get a second hand stretchy for when the baby arrives and it'll probably hold its value pretty well, there are lots of trade groups on fb for selling slings so you could buy and then sell for a similar amount when you finish using it.

  • This thread might be helpful OB

    there is so much choice out there! A Close Caboo is currently top of my list!

    I was going to look into a local sling library but out NCT leader has said she is going to bring a selection along to one of our classes which will be handy!

  • Thanks everyone.

    Just had a read through Mrs B, thanks.

    So when you say a stretchy wrap, what does that mean? Is that something different to the caboo? Sorry if that’s a dumb question.

  • A caboo is a stretchy sling, but whereas the moby you have to wrap and tie, the caboo is part done, you slip it over your head and adjust by pulling the material, through rings. A bit easier to do

  • Missus S
    A bit easier to do

    Which is why its currently top of my list! Laugh

  • Ahh ok I understand now! Thanks Missus S!

  • I had a moby and a solar weave connecta. The moby was brilliant for Eleni when she was tiny but tbh when Jonah was born I skipped it and went straight to the connecta. He was a bit bigger and was too nosy to lay back in a wrap! I borrowed a normal connecta but much preferred my solar weave all year.

  • I used to own a sling library and am quite knowledgable in slings so know I can't make of with just one!

    I'm thinking of getting a caboo (part tied) and a hoppediz elastic which is a stretchy wrap for the newborn days. I love moby too but I'm being swayed by pretty colours!

    Connecta are ace too but I will probably go for a woven wrap.
  • Definitely go to a sling meet so you can try them on & see which are comfortable for & your baby. I didn't discover slings until Isobelle was 3 months & we ended up getting a solar weave connecta from a lovely hitcher. We still use it regularly at 19 months. I love that it's so small you can put it in your bag when not using it. We used it on holiday in Rome when she was 4 months & it was very useful. My hubby also likes it as he said he wouldn't have patience with a Moby wrap!

  • I have....a mei tai, two wraps (a size 6 and a size 4) and a ring sling. I use them all, they all have their uses. Love To Be Natural is a great web shop for slings and the owner is fantastic, very knowledgeable and can advise you over email.

    Definitely get to a sling meet though. There is nothing like trying them out!

    When people refer to a 'stretchy' it's basically any carrier that is made from a stretchy material. Mobys are a long length of material that you wrap around you and pop baby in. Caboo or Close Carriers are like a pre-tied wrap that you put on in the same sort of way you would a t-shirt, then has rings on the sides that you pull to tighten. If you YouTube it you'll see what I mean ;) Stretchies are fab for newborns as they are soft and snuggly. However if you're looking to carry longer term I'd look for something else, as they aren't great at supporting baby (or you!) once baby gets heavier.

  • If you only want to buy one, you're better off getting a woven wrap or a carrier such as a connecta or manduca, which is suitable from birth as babies are very quickly too heavy for a stretchy wrap. If you're planning on carrying in Florida, where I presume it will be hot, you may want to look into something like a solarweave connecta, as some carriers and wraps can make you and baby hot when carrying. I have a woven wrap (H used when S was little) a manduca (which I love and use everyday when she's with me) and a solarweave connecta. I like them all for different uses, but the manduca is my 'go to' carrier as I can get it on so quickly and easily (as long as H hasn't used it and altered all the straps!)

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