Slumber bear vs Ewan the sheep bump for MDD

There's only one way to solve this.....

what is the difference (other than looks) and what is the difference between slumber bear and premium?

do they both offer, womb, heartbeat and white noise?

does anyone know where you an get the lie down slumber bear (it's my husbands favourite, yes, those are his words!)


  • No idea on the difference between them but I got my 'lie down' slumber bear from Wilkinsons. I can't remember the different noises (it has a few and the option to record your own), we just have it on womb noise.

  • Thanks HatTrick, will check out Wilkos

  • I think they're pretty much the same thing.

    We got a slumber bear from an Nct nearly new sale and it was an absolute god send for N as he wouldn't sleep in his crib until we tried it.

    He still has it in his cot but the poor bear suffers now as its frequently wrestled with. The blanket is his comforter and gets tucked under him when he goes to sleep (all his own doing). Best thing we ever bought.

  • The slumber bear goes off on sensing movement, and stays on for a couple of mins max, I think (I've not used one.) The dream sheep has to be set off manually, but stays on for 20 mins. You can't record your own noise, it has 3 white noise type settings and one lulaby one. We had a dream sheep which I liked as J settled well with it, and I'm not sure I'd have used the slumberbear in the cot (I was too worried about SIDS to put anything in the cot, our Ewan hung off the cot on the outside) so the movement sensor function would have been pointless for us.

  • We've had both, E had the slumber bear and J had the sheep. They both had their own positives. The slumber bear is nice and soft and the noises were better IMO but it doesn't last very long and we had to keep making it go again in the early days. The sheep plays for much longer and has a light effect. I didn't think the sound was as loud. It was cute though!

  • Oh and the sheep was much cheaper!

  • I took the monitor out of the slumber bear and it hangs on the side rather than having the teddy in the crib.

  • Bumped for MDD

  • Oh thanks Mrs P! I think the slumber bear might be the way forward for us!

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