smear test when pregnant?

Just had a letter asking me make an appointment for smear test - but presumably I can't when pregnant??


  • No you can't! Same happened to me and I just phoned the surgery to let them know and could they add it to my notes that it is outstanding.

  • No, just give them a call and explain. I had the same when pregnant with no. 1!

  • No you can't. I mentioned it at my next mw appointment and she noted that I've to have it at 6 week check. The joys!

  • WEES, I've been called with each of my pregnancies so have had to delay each time. My GP told me I couldn't go until 12 weeks after the birth because of changes in the cervix settling down.

  • I was told the same as Margot, booked in after 12 weeks (even then had odd cells identified). X

  • This has worried me now, I had my smear the day before I got my bfp (not knowing I was pregnant), should I be concerned?! Sorry to take over the thread.

  • I had a smear when I first got pregnant, it's standard here in Switzerland so it can't be anything to worry about. I then had another at my 6 week check.

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