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So confused about cheese!

Sorry but I'm just not up to speed on the do's and dont's in terms of eating cheese. I don't eat the blue cheeses or any soft cheese so no problem there but I was half way through a cookies and cream cheesecake last night and had a panic that I might not be allowed it, I checked and its made with soft cheese, ok or not? I also often buy a savory cheese sandwich filler in sainsburys but checked today and the mayonnaise is made with egg whites I think it was, so guessing these were raw? I even looked at cheese and onion filled pastry things and they're made with soft cheese! im maybe over thinking things here but I'm confused!!


  • Not sure on the cheese as I don’t know what sort of soft cheese you mean but with mayo, as long as it is made with pasteurized egg (which most are) you can eat it.

  • The nhs choices website has a really helpful list which gives all the current advice about everything

  • With cheesecake i believe its the egg thats the issue rather than the cheese. So if its baked or made with pasteurised egg its fine but if not you need to avoid. Cheese pasty would be fine. Not sure on sandwich filler but probably ok. Jar mayo is ok just honemade you might need to steer clear of. Things like dairylea and primula are ok. I agree the NHS site is very helpful x

  • Thanks ladies, I've been on the nhs website (a few times!) I just don't know how I'm supposed to know if the ingredients just say soft cheese and no detail of what kind. I guess I'll just edge on the side of caution and assume I can't have it!

  • Soft cheese like Philadelphia is fine. It's unpasturised cheeses you can't have like goats cheese and Brie. I would've thought that cheesecake would be fine as it uses Philadelphia type cheese.

    Cheese pasties would be fine as would cheese sandwich fillers.

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