so recommend me your baby monitors please

We are shopping for baby monitors and I don't know where to start. We would lile a video monitor we think but dont want to spend a small fortune. Quite like the idea of the hush smart monitor as it can be used through our smart phones, does anyone have any experience of this monitor or similar please. TIA


  • We have an angel care movement monitor and still use it at 22months. Highly recommend. To us it was more important to have the movement monitor than the video as I didn't feel the need to see her, particularly as first 6 months they're in your room anyway. I've heard about the smart phone ones although not entirely sure what you'd need to control with your phone?
  • Currently we have this:$ja=tsid:49662&cm_mmc=googlemerchantcenter-_-nmppla-_-NULL-_-NULL&gclid=CKnMn_XB9bsCFZLKtAodyxMANw&gclsrc=aw.ds

    It's clear enough for me to see what my little lady is up to but without a huge price tag.  Ours was £40 half price at argos.

    In regards early days we had a movement monitor as everyone raved about them, I found this really reassuring until my LO moved to her cot about 28 weeks, when it would go off constantly! Not a few false alarns but we're talking 10 times an hour! Me walking to the room and checking she was fine  walking back to bed,  going off again.. so we sold and got the video. That said,  I'd want the movement again with another baby even just for that short period.

    Aa for one that links to me phone,  I wouldn't personally. I often use my phone when LO is in bed?  I imagine it'd be pretty battery draining on your phone too and if you didn't have charge on your phone's you would have no monitor.

  • We have a Tommee Tippee one. Its great. I noticed yesterday it was reduced. Hang on. Will see if i can find link for you

  • We have the angel care 3in1 movement, video and sound. I waited until I saw an offer on it although when buying safety equipment I worry less about investing here compared to other baby purchases. I'd heard fabulous things about the movement monitor in the early days (peace of mind/ being able to sleep!) and the video being useful later on when they are in their own room meaning you don't have to go in every time if you can see they are self settling.

  • Thanks for replies everyone.  I don't want one with a movement sensor, this is not ur 3rd child and we had a movement sensor with our 1st which we stopped using as it woupd go off all the time so made me a nervous wreck, we managed fine with our 2nd without one so doubt we would use it this time round either.  Some good recs so ill takd a lokk at thise thanks ladies.  I thought by 3 rd time round ive have this cracked lol. X

  • I'm with sweetpea on the angelcare video, movement and sound. The sensor mat is great and honestly it's huge peace of kind for me to actually get some sleep. We don't use the video part at the moment but will when he's in his own room. We've only had the monitor go off once and I'm fairly sure O was holding his breath/gone all back arched rigid with wind which meant he wasn't on the sensor pad so it went off as it should.

    I also got it on amazon on offer, if you keep an eye out it's often reduced, I think I got it for £118 if I remember correctly. It's been worth every penny to me so far!

  • Sorry cross posted, ignore most of my post then! Although angelcare do the same monitor without the sensor mat, the picture on the video monitor is very good so would still recommend!

  • Hiya, at Christmas I got to see my sister in law's Motorola video monitor in action and it was great.  She couldn't recommend it enough, and then lo and behold I got it as a Christmas present, haha.  She had ordered it on for us.  The only poor review of it I fund was that e range wouldn't reach across 7 floors of a house,which seems an awfully long way to me and a bit strange.  It's here: and it's a little pricey, but there's the mbp35 which is a bit cheaper and still video and has good reviews, too.

  • Can I ask a possibly naive question - and am worried about causing a fight - if baby is in with us for first 6 months, and we follow the SIDS guide as far as practicable - do we need a monitor at first or just wait until baby moves to his/her own room?

  • Not if you dint want a movement monitor counter. We loved having the sensor pad on, gave me huge reassurance and if the technology is there I personslly wouldnt be without itbut we never had any false alarms. Otherwise though no, you dont as they are with you all the time.

  • Thanks AR. I don't want the sensor as I know I can't leave technology alone and I'd spend more time worrying it was broken and panicking than anything else! I think we'll wait then and see what sort of a baby arrives to decided whether we'd like video etc. :)

  • We only used our movement monitor without parent unit pre six months, counter, as we followed SIDS very closely, E never napped in a room I wasn't in, so no need for the sound unit until she started napping in the cot at 6m then sleeping in it later on.

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