so talk to me about the joys of being a mummy to 3 little darlings? :)

Well I'm over the shock of a very surprise BFP (well I think I am) lol, so it seems it's time to start preparing to be a mummy of 3.  My two gorgeous daughters are 3 and 5 so after purchasijg a puppy 3 weeks ago we thought our family was complete.  Until this week when a surprise bfp took us by surprise.  I'm not going to lie it caused a few wibbles and I thank the ladies who replied to my thread the other evening after I found out and was a mess, the following morning I went from "what shall we do" to the realisation that I want this baby.  I won't lie I wouldnt have ttc but it has happened and although not planned this baby is wanted just as much as my other 2, for me.  I know hubby feels dfferently and Ican see his view, he is 40 next year so ddnt want sleepless nghts and pooey nappies at this time in his life he is happy wth our little family but understands that I cant live with not continuing with this pregnancy. 

So im back in the world of hitched as I used to know it lol, ive had so much advice previously and I look forwards to returning although I never imagined in a million years I would be when I started this week lol. Xxx


  • I'm glad that you've been able to get your head round things MrsAB29. I'm only 8 weeks into having 3 but so far it's good - more tiring and hard work than 2 but more rewarding too. I love seeing my two boys talking to and playing with their sister and can't wait to see how they all interact as she gets older. It also seems far less difficult having a baby this time round, she really does just have to fit in around the others and round the school runs etc. I hope your H can start to feel excited as things go on - our 3rd was planned but happened far quicker than expected and it was definitely me that wanted it more than H, so he was the same but as soon as she was born he was besotted and still is.

  • Thanks Margot and congratulations on your latest addition.  Hubby is trying even just came back with flowers for me whch is a bg step forwards.  We had a few probs over recent years so have been going to counselling qnd things have got us both in a really good place. This came and the wrong time and he is scared it could set us back again.  I know we are stronger now counselling has taught us we do love each other and still want to be together so we need to be on the same page about this.  Flowers are a step in the right direction though.  Im really hoping for a boy although I know I cant get to hopeful, hubby has always wanted a son so with the complete randomness of this pregnancy (1st time sleeping together since sorting us out so in about a year and also taking morning after pill) maybe someone up there is saying this is meant to be and maybe its the son we should have :)  who knows but I know all hubbys reservations will disappear if we where to have a boy lol.  X

  • Hey glad to see your back and you have come to a decision. X x

  • Congratulations!

    I don't really know about having 3 as my baby #3 turned out to be twins!

    However, my older 2 were 3 and 4.5 and I really found it OK. The older one was at school and the younger one at part time nursery so I did get some time just with the babies on their own. The older two were (and still are) helpful, getting me nappies or helping me get the babies clothes out or entertaining one or both whilst I had to do something.

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