So, when does it actually feel real first time around?


I know it sounds odd - and we are all very "prepared" in what we have done ,  and I have a very wiggly baby..... but still I don't really think it feels real yet! I wonder if it will be the first night at home when we (Hubby and I) are home alone and look at each other....


  • Ooh you gave me goosebumps!

  • I think it felt real once my daughter had been born, and then H left the ward, the midwives left me alone and it was about 3am. I was lying in bed with her asleep next to me in the cot, and I suddenly realised I was this persons mummy! It wasn't real until that point, and the labour and birth had been so full on, it hit me once we were alone together and everyone else had gone!

  • For me it was when we got home from hospital for the first time, and I suddenly realised that we were solely responsible for this little person for the rest of our lives - and I still had that feeling with my second and third babies as well!

  • For me it was his first night at home. His dad, despite all his very earnest promises, slept right through! I held baby in our bed whilst he cried and cried and sang to him and rocked him and fed him most of the night. I realised that I, more than anyone else in the world, was responsible for this beautiful little thing, and I would take care of him and protect him as best I could. The next night he slept right through (and the next, and the next...) so I was glad we'd had that little bonding time  :D

  • awwwww! these have made me well up!!

  • Still doesn't feel real for me either! Donr think it's going to hit me until she is here and we are at home with her.

  • Not until he was here for me! That first night in hospital I just stared at him all night, couldnt believe he was mine.

  • Weep

    I've got a sneaking suspicion it's going to be on our first night together and I'll be 'so.....anyone know how this little thing works?'

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