Soft cup bras for mahoosive jiggly boobs

Sorry for crashing, I feel a bit if a fraud as I'm not pregnant but figured you lot may be able to help me. 

My fertility drugs have made my boobies super tender and swollen. I'd like a soft cup bra to give them a bit of TLC. 

Can anyone recommend one that will not make them pointy or push them together forming a uni-boob?

P.s. I'm a 30GG/H


  • blimey ducky you have huge boobies!!!

  • Bravissimo do them. I had some from there when I was pregnant. Got my.nursing bras there too x

  • Which one did you go for mermaid? I'm going to order several and send some back x

    Monnie - Haha I wasn't squeezing you very tight on Saturday, it was the all the boobs ;)

  • The cheapest I think!

  • I went to bravissimo yesterday and got a maternity/nursing bra. Tried on several and found one which didn't do the mono-boob thing. I'll check make later and let you know. None of them are a great shape though, big boobs need underwire!!! The one I got yesterday is a 34k....!!!
  • The best soft cup/nursing bras are hotmilk, I don't know if they go as small as 30 backs though, they may start at a 32. My boobs made it to a 34j last pregnancy, and they were without a shadow of doubt the most comfortable. They did give a bit of a uniboob, but I think that's the same for all soft cup bras+big boobs as there are no wires to keep the boobs apart. I tried all the bras bravissimo sell and they were all poor on my boobs. Panache were pish as the straps were about 1cm wide and without the support from the wires the straps were doing more than normal. Since each boob weighed about 3 stone* this led to some serious digging in. Royce were comfy but they had zero uplift and were pointy. So saggy and pointy, was a v bad combo. Freya were ok, but quite unibooby, and a bit scratchy. (I normally wear Freya wired bras and love them.)

    *possibly an exaggeration but not by much I don't think.

  • Second vote for hot milk here :-)

  • Thank you. Hot Milk have loads of non-nursing bras! Fab site! Thank you x

  • Can't add anything to this as i have never had mahoosive jiggly boobs *sob*. Mine a more like 2 slightly deflated balloons!

  • Oh Maisie I added the jiggly to imply they have no firmness whatsoever, just swing to and fro.

    Mine also have an air of deflated balloon and they haven't even been blown up!!

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