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You will get bored of my names posts before this baby arrives, apologies in advance!! So a few questions musings...1. Is hector super posh? 2. Is Dexter chavvy/too American 3. Why did they have to all the baby Prince George?! It's always been a favourite if mine! 4. Do you automatically think of albie or Bertie as a shortening for Albert? 5. My mum is wrong about boys with names like Arthur/Theodore/Rupert being teased at school isn't she? Because half the playground will have old man names won'


  • wont they? That should have ended. Stupid phone cut me off!!
  • I don't think Hector is that posh personally.

    I don't think Dextex is too chavy or American.

    No don't think of either of those when I think of the name Albert.

    I think your Mum is wrong - I think Arthur is going to be a popular name again soon. My H worries about the name Arthur for when they are a teenager and are on the pull.... Sigh. I don't see the problem with it? I think it's an amazing name! I really like Rupert too but think if any names to be picked on its more likely to be that one, as much as it pains me to say!

  • That's what I think, it's be more unusual to have a Gary or Steve nowadays. And there were hundreds of them about when I was at school. I think my mum is still in the mindset if when she was choosing names!
  • Ibdon't think Hector is super posh, can't imagine a baby with that name though!

    I love Dexter, H said no :0 (

    Has it put u off George or do u think people will think u've used yheir name?

    I prob would assume it was a shortenning but I know a few couples who have prefered the abreviation of a name so just called their baby that

    Agreed ur mum is wrong, older names are popular. Someone at work has just had a Theo, love it!

  • i always think of hector as scottish

    dexter i think is american and my friends dog is dexter (sorry)

    i like george

    albie or bertie are shortenings of albert and id automatically think that, i also think albie is quite gangsterish (sorry)

    boys with any names can get teased at school,

  • I will be completely honest about Hector for does make me think of an Eton toff...I don't mean any offence, just know you'd rather the honesty. :-)

    Dexter is our cats name as H wouldn't let me use it for a baby...I think it goes nicely with P and your surname.

    I like George but I too would be put off by the royal baby...mainly as with O I always get "did you name him after Olly Murs?" No....Olly Murs is a nob, I just like the name!! I think the same is happening with George.

    Arthur was a name on our v v short boys list.Old fashioned names are coming back now.....if you'd said Cuthbert or Amos I'd obviously have a different opinion, but names like Albert (couldn't use with our surname), Arthur, Reuben etc are fab!

  • Ugh it's so hard!! Don't think this baby will ever have a name!
  • 1. Not sure, historically yes, but  those kind of names are slowly being used by more middle and working class families. It's not a Tarquin though!

    2. Yes

    3. Tell me about it,! (I wanted to call M Georgia or Georgiana!)

    4. Albie, yes. Bertie, no .

    5. Yes, she is wrong .

    As an aside,  I know horses with all but one of the names you've mentioned! (Not a bad thing at all - I know of 2 dogs called Millie! - but made me smile as it's you)

  • Also, you will find a name, if we found one we could agree on in the end, then anyone can Hug

  • Hector reminds me of the dog of the 70's, I have a giant cuddly dog (4ft+) from when I was a toddler that's ready to go in the nursery.

    Arthur is already popular, or that's my impression anyway. And YES loads of little boys will have old man names. All our choices are old man names!

    Dexter says one thing to me: 'serial killer' (son is a huge fan).

  • 1 I don't think hector is posh :)

    2 yes possibly but I don't think it matters

    3 apparently George is down in the popularity stakes now so there would be fewer Georges when your LO is at school

    4 yes to Albie but I have a friend whose little boy is Albert/Albie. Not Bertie though

    5 yes she's wrong! Of all the little boys I know born recently there is an Albert, a Stanley, Sidney and Wilbur! And my own little Seth which I think is an old mans name (not an American stoner name as some people have s
  • 1. Hector doesn't sound posh but it does remind me of Hector the Helicopter

    2. Dexter is on our shortlist of names and I've seen it being used more recently (possibly came more to light in UK because of Dexter on Big Brother this year?)

    3. I don't think George is particularly popular and there will be a big enough gap between Prince George and your baby to stop people thinking you named him after the future king

    4. To me the shortening of Albert would be Al or Bert.

    5. The kids next door are called Alfie, Reggie & Daisy and I know several other small children who have 'older' names - so I would definately say they are gaining in popularity and are used far more frequently now.

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