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I am going through every emotion possible right now and I need to download. I am a regular on MD but need some time to get my head around this.After years of fertility problems caused By PCOS and being told in May there was only 3%   chance of conceiving again (I have one child) I have found out in the last day I am pregnant  We weren't trying, we was using the withdrawal method (I know I know!) as for various reasons I cannot use the pill.  I have had had really bad pain in my ladies bits for a week then over the weekend had sore boobs and yesterday sickness. A lightbulb went off in my brain yesterday that this was how I was with eldest so I brought a test and it's 3+ weeks!!! Last period was the 1st December

I am freaking out, going between sheer terror and happiness. I have a scan today to check all is ok as we do not really know conception date and as I have had this pain. This Christmas is either going to be wonderful or awful isn't it!! I cannot stop crying and have barely slept. 

I an am shocked but we want this so much I can feel the fear taking over me. It took us  years to conceive my eldest (6 in total) and we needed some medical help. 

Please can ii  some it will be ok vibes?! And maybe some hand holding? OH has to work so going alone, cannot call until 9am to book

me xxx

ps if you have worked out who I am please don't say x



  • What amazing news and what a fab Christmas present!! I have no idea who you are since I'm pretty new here, but I can tell the baby is very much wanted. Remember, you had problems conceiving not carrying a child, so there's no reason it won't all be absolutely fine.

    Wishing you all the luck and vibes in the world for a successful scan today xxx

  • Firstly congratulations!

    Pretty much what barefoot has already said, try not to worry too much hopefully your scan will give you that reassurance baby is in the right place and everything is good! You can have as much hand holding as you need :) (also no idea who you are :) ) but very pleased for you! Sending loads of vibes and hugs!

  • Thank you both so much, I don't want to believe it could actually be true until I have this scan. With my eldest I was scanned from 3 weeks as my consultant was so supportive of us. God why is nothing just straight forward!!

  • What Barefoot said! Sending you lots of luck for your scan xxxx

  • Huge congratulations. Am sending vibes that everything will be ok but I'm sure it will be :)

  • Congratulations and bucket loads of vibes xx

  • Oh bless you! We're all wishing for a good outcome. Remember there's nothing you can 'do' now, you can't influence or change anything. Take a deep breath and try not to worry. Let us know what time the scan is booked for. We'll all 'be with' you!

  • Congratulations, and lots of vibes from me too.

  • Congratulations, I hope you don't have too long to wait to be scanned. Keep us updated xx

  • Ooh I think I know who you are! This is fabulous news for you, Congratulations!! I understand why you are so nervous though, and am here for hand holding. Let us know when scan is and we will be there with you, holding virtual hands, but stay positive.

    Can a friend go with you?

  • They don't think they will be able to fit me in today. Got to call back in an hour. Christmas in limbo land deep joy! X

  • Hey Suprise

    firstly - massive vibes coming your way!

    secondly - unfortuneatly this whole situation is completly out of your control, nothing you do or say or wish is going to make this any easier for you, you just have to let your body take control and hope for the best, if it is meant to be then it is meant to be!

    this tiny little miracle that is happening is something to digest very slowly, it is not something you thought would ever happen therefore you need time to let it sink in, i know it is a terribly panicky time but as i say it is totally our of your hands my love!

    just keep positive and take one day at a time! this could be one of the most amazing things to ever happen to you so just keep your chin up, try and stay relaxed and let nature do the rest!

    i will say a little prayer for you tonight at mass! i wish you all the happiness in the world!


  • Surprise

    They don't think they will be able to fit me in today. Got to call back in an hour. Christmas in limbo land deep joy! X

    Oh no! Are there any other options open to you for today?

  • No nothing else. Going to call and talk to my doctor in. Minute

  • Many congrats for your little Christmas miracle and sending super sticky positive vibes xxx x

  • I completely understand the shock feeling. when i got my bfp shock and just a total feeling of being overwhelmed were about the only coherent thoughts i had. I really hope your doctor or somebody can get you in today so you truly know what's going on. If the pains are the sane as you had before the chances are everything will be ok and you have yourself a little Christmas miracle. here for hand holding and sending you tonnes and tonnes of vibes xxx

  • Loads of vibes for you!

    Fingers crossed you get seen really quickly.

    What a wonderful surprise! We're here for as much hand holding as you need xxx

  • Wow congratulations! Hope u can get a scan today. wishing u all the luck :) what An amazing Christmas prezzie!
  • Thank you for All your vibes today. No scan is done until they know your HCG levels are over 1,500 so I had a blood test today and they called at 6 to let me know they were 31,000 which is all positive and means I can have a scan this Friday. On a positive they think the pains are a urine infection which I was plagued with when I had my eldest. Roll on Friday!! Xxx

  • That's a great update Surprise, hope you can enjoy your Christmas while you wait for Friday to come round. Hope the urine infection clears up. Look forward to Friday's update x

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