Sorry me again with another reflux question

A is currently on renatadine and domperidone and last weekend we started giving her nutramigen milk. She was previously on c&g anti reflux milk. Whilst she seems a lot more settled in herself and less windy, she has started being sick after feeds again. I'm presuming its because the nutramigen is a lot thinner than the AR milk but I wasn't sure what exactly the Meds do. I know one neutralises the acid but I'm not sure about the other? I'm sure i was told it moved everything through so it's not sitting in the stomach but I'm not sure. I'm also sure I read somewhere that the Meds don't stop them being sick but makes it less acidic so it doesnt burn on the way up and cause the distress - is that right? 


  • I thought domperidone was anti sickness but i might be wrong.....?

  • Thanks MM, we're at the hospital again next week so will have to ask. Maybe it's just she needs her dosage adjusting? It's been 4 weeks since it was last changed and she puts on about 6/7oz a week on average so her weights probably change quite a bit.

  • I think I was told that ranitidine neutralises the acid and domperidone moves everything through quicker. S isn't on domperidone though so I'm just going from memory of what the gp told me for our next steps so I could be wrong x
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