Sorry more random CS questions

Expect a fair few of these from me in the next few weeks. Sorry, stupid questions keep copping into my head and I know so many of you have had ELCS .

so here are the two I have been pondering in bed this morning- 

how much below your scar do you need to shave? My lady garden is currently about an inch below my old scar, is that enough or do I need more off? I don't like the bald look do don't want to whip it all off if I don't have to! 

And this second one is probably really stupid so apologies. - they put a catheter in for the op for your wee and its in for a few hours after.  I know this is because you can't move your legs to go for a wee, but is it also because part of the spinal stops the muscles working to hold it in and stop you peeing yourself? If this is the case what about pooing? ( sorry I know I'm probably being stupid and over thinking things). Does the spinal stop the muscles working that would let you keep your poo in? what's to stop you pooing yourself? Would you even know you needed to poo if everything is numb or would the first thing you knew about it be when you had s**t yourself?!!! Sorry I know its probably a stupid question ! ( and perhaps tmi while eating your breakfast!) 


  • As i understand it, epidurals/spinal block work on the nerves - its nerves that transmit pain "messages" up to the brain, so by blocking these, you dont feel pain.

    Your muscles (i think) would still work ..... however muscles only work based on messages received from brain via nerves so presumably wouldnt do anything.

    Having a poo requires a peristalsis muscle movement i dont think you would poo yourself.   I'm sure someone who has actually ha da section will be along soon to certify my old A level biology memories .....

  • With the shaving question, if its not enough they will shave you there. I'd go down a bit personally rather than have them dry bic it (I've heard, I've always done myself before).

    I don't know about the poo question but I've had two sections and not had this issue! Do you mean after in the bed? To be honest I couldn't go for ages after probably because of lack of food for so long and also the painkiller thing that goes up there.

  • I would shave a bit lower just because of the big wide sticky dressing.

    I didnt have poo issues with eirher of mine.

  • I have seen lots of ladies in recovery post CS and never seen anyone with 'poo issues' so think Horsefan's explanation must be correct.

  • I didn't poo for a good 48 hours after. I think your intestines etc are shoved about with a baby anyway, plus drugs and lack of eating pre-op will affect your bowels anyway.

    My hubby shaved me the night before. My scar last time was just at the top of my hairline, so he did maybe an inch and a bit below that? The sticky bits from the dressing just skimmed the shaved bit I think. It was horrid to get off though (the leftover sticky, nit the dressing). soon as id had my first shower and put on my big pants it was manky. I'd recommend some sticky remover from the chemist. 35p a sachet I think. The last thing you want to do is rub vigorously with a towel to try to get it off.

  • I did mine quite low and it was fine, the lady in next bed didn't do hers low enough and the midwife grabbed the bic so maybe a bit extra!

    I've had 3 sections and never had poo issues, I worried about this too this time but as others have said it took me a good few days to attempt to go after anyway!!

  • the bandage tape left sticky marks all over my tummy too, then I used my massive black pants straight out the pack  and I was covered in black fluff for days, didn't know you could get remover for it!

  • Sorry for only just getting back to this.

    I assumed the poo thing mustn't be a problem as have never heard any horror stories about it.

    May get H to shave a bit more for me the night before op to be on the safe side.

  • I didn't poo either.. I don't know how/why but I definately didn't. My catheter was in for around 20 hours due to the time I gave birth (midday had to be in for 12 hours, I was asleep, so they left it!)

    I personally wouldn't shave, i'd wax, i'd not want itchy fresh regrowth while the wound is so fresh as you keep the sticky thing on for 5 days, it'd be itchy and you wouldn't be able to stratch it and it'd hurt to remove the plaster on teeny hair too (which is why you have to grow hair longer to wax, i'm told). I'd wax and take it a good 2 inches below my low slung kickerline, mine is much lower than i'd imagined. I was told they won't shave you anymore due to the risk of infection (perhaps that's just my hospital?).

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