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My 18 month old doesn't drink cows milk (although she's happy to drink spoonfuls of it with her cereal). I've been starting to wean her off breast milk and have tried to give her soya milk, which she loves. I've just seen on the packaging that it's not recommended for under 2's. I've been googling & found a variety of different answers. Does anyone know any reasons why I shouldn't use it or to reassure me it's ok to use it? She only drinks about 3/4 of a small tommee tippee sippy cup during the day. Thanks x


  • Try alpro toddler milk, it's suitable from 1+ and has added fats, calcium etc. I imagine normal soya milk doesn't have enough fat to be a main drink under 2.

  • We give Isla the alpro soya 1+ milk it has a giraffe on the front of the carton. I think it's as Isis says, normal soya milk just doesn't contain enough of the nutrients. It won't be doing your LO any harm and I should think at 18 months she is having a pretty varied diet of things anyway.

  • Thanks Isis, will get that 1 tomorrow, I'm guessing it's very similar in flavour to the original 1.

  • The Alpro 1+ milk was recommended by the dietician at the hospital for milk intolerant babies when they turn one. Unfortunately S is also soya intolerant, but if your little one is happier drinking it, it should be fine as it has added calcium, vitamins etc.

  • It's a bit thicker and sweeter than normal soya milk I think but I'd definitely try it as at this age it's better to have higher fat etc.

  • M loves the stuff.

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