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SPD sufferers, any tips to minimise the pain / help movement?

I have SPD but its not been too bad recently so I thought maybe i was over the worse.

however it seems to be back with avengence now and until I get another physio appointment i wondered what you do to help the pain?  my main pain is at the front of my pubic bone, as though I'd been hitting it on concrete and i'm finding walking quite difficult and slow!

just wondered if you had any recommendations as to what helped you that I can try




  • Hi, I've got really bad spd, I ended up being signed off because of it. Has the physio given you a support belt? I would recommend one of those. For me the only thing that really works is rest. It means I can have slightly more active days, but I walk very slowly and some days it can be painful.

  • I will second the support belt.  Mine's like a giant tubigrip and seems to stabilise everything.  Walk really really slowly.  Keep your thighs together getting in and out of the car etc.  I hope it eases up for you soon.  When I get a bad flare up I find a day of rest really helps it settle back down again.  Sending hugs as I know how miserable it is.  Mine's usually at the front too like I've been kicked by a horse.  Not nice. xx

  • I had physio for it. She gave me lots of tips too:

    Don't push supermarket trollies/prams (if you can avoid it),

    Keep your knees together when getting out of bed.

    Put a plastic bag on your car seat so you can just swivel round and then get out keeping your knees together.

  • As well as physio also try a chiropractor. I had that horrible pain you describe and my chiro adjusted my public bone which really helped (felt a bit weird but really helped keep me mobile). Mine is a mctimoney chiro and I swear I wouldn't have been able to walk by the end of my twin pregnancy if it wasn't for her.

  • EWmarmiteS, I had awful SPD with A and ended up on crutches. I have a spare support belt your welcome to if you'd like it.

  • I had soemthing else but it is the same as SPD - but was told never to separate my knees more than ten cm. Never push anything - trolley, pushchair, hoover. Sit down to get dressed - never stand to get dressed as you would end up separating your legs too much. Wear satin type clothign whenever possibly so that you can rotate your body out of bed, on the car seat. Twist your body round with legs together to get out of car same for getting in. If you can't twist they is a special pad you can get or use a bin bagLaugh I have loads but that might keep you goign!

  • Actually I was taught how to sit and how to get out of bed and all sorts by the physio!

  • thanks everyone, i have a belt but havent used it yet so I'll try that.  Did you wear only while walking or all day?

    thanks for the tips on knees together and swivelling, thats something I can def try.

    i can't see the physio until 7 January so I'll try these tips instead in the hope it helps at least a bit


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