Stabbing pains in lady bits

Or labia I guess is the technical anatomically correct term!!! I have spd fairly badly which is affecting my hips etc and is painful enough. For the last couple of weeks ive been getting more and more stabbing pains low down. Right in the lady parts on the outside. Its like someone is shoving a hot poker in there, so so painful. A bit of googling has suggested round ligament pain but im not sure. This evening is particularly bad. Has anyone had similar? Did it get worse as you got more pregnant, ive got a bit to go yet?! Any tips for easing it??


  • I get stabby pains in my lady bits quite often now!

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one ob. Not nice is it?!
  • AR, is it internal like a UTI or more muscular/surface-based? My ligament pain was higher, more the pubic bone area, but the midwife it can be very 'groinal'. Sounds horrible!

  • No it's not internal/uti pain. It's external definitely. I get the usual pains in the bumps etc but these ones are about as low as you can go, on the outside. Googling has said apparently the round ligaments go right to the bottom of the labia so can extend right down there. It's not nice!
  • AR- I replied in todays tri thread but I get this too. I saw it called "fanny daggers" (nice) on an app forum that I use. I think it's quite common but just not very comfortable!

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