Sterilising dummies?

We aren't planning on buying a sterilizer as we are planning on BFing so no need, obviously this will change if BFing doesn't work out like last time. B had dummies after a week as he was a comfort sucker and my boobs were so sore I didn't want him on them just for comfort. 

We have bought some dummies but am wondering how I can sterilize them without a sterilizer? Boil them in hot water?



  • Little plastic Tupperware tub with milton in? We had an electric steriliser but always had a tun of milton for dummies in the early days.

  • Mothercare do a microwave dummy steriliser, great for storing them when you're out as,default,pd.html

  • I did think Milton in a little tub was the only way to do it. That steriliser would be ideal :)


  • I'd just do Milton.

  • My mam ones came in a little plastic box that you can microwave sterilise them in.

  • We gave a micro sterliser and a tub for Milton that has the dummies and expressing pump parts in it. Everything gets microwaved each night just for double sterilisation and baby hates the taste of Milton anyway.

  • We've got the mams dummies as well. 3 mins in microwave and you are done although obviously you might not have a mircowave.

  • We love the little mam cases as they are transportable anywhere I might need them. Otherwise you can get soother Milton wipes in tesco, you can buy a special Milton mini soother steriliser. Or Milton in a tub too. Or yes boiling is fine too,  says to boil for first time sterilisation anyway.

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