stokke xplory bassinet sheets

hiya, another xplory question im afraid,

has anyone found a cheap place to buy the bassinet sheets? iv looked online and they seem to be around 30pound for 2 sheets, this seems really expensive when a normal bassinet sheet is a fiver ?

did you find anywhere cheaper ?

TIA  xx


  • Think Stokke are just expensive and don't fit 'standard' sized anything I'm afraid! We didn't bother with the bassinet, just used the normal seat with the newborn wedge after the first few weeks when we only used the sling. The shop said most people don't bother with the bassinet either.

  • thanks hun, we already have it :-(

    im thinking though that we wont use it for long and the length of the baby wont reach the feet, so im wondering if i can get a flat sheet and fold it before the bar ? does that make sense?

  • TBH I wouldn't, purely for the SIDS risk with badly fitted sheets. I would just either get secondhand sheets and do a boil wash on them, or fork out. I know it's expensive Sad

  • i didnt think about 2nd hand,i might have a little look on ebay and see whats about,

    thanks hun x

  • I got mine from an ebay seller who makes then and the sleepi sheets as well. They don't have any for sale at the minute but perhaps you could email them, user name is cosytots. If not I could look mine out if you wanted second hand, I have two white ones.

  • That would be great Jrj, thank you. I'm also watching that seller now too xx

  • Have looked these M. They are still in very good condition as they were only used for a few months. I noticed on the label that the seller has a website and they have them for sale there in various colours. They are cheaper than I paid for them I think. If you are anything like me, you would prefer new!

    I'm actually going to order some for the cot now.
  • Thanks Hun I'll take a look xxx

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