Stories of Loss & Care of Next Infant

Today we are highlighting the incredible work of The Lullaby Trust's CONI (Care of Next Infant) programme.  The Lullaby Trust works closely with the NHS to provide this service to bereaved parents.

Parents supported by the CONI scheme can choose to have a monitor, a symptom diary, Baby Check booklet, weight charts, a room thermometer, resuscitation training and a 'Baby Passport', which allows them to fast-track to a specialist baby doctor.  Most importantly, they also get one-to-one contact with a CONI co-ordinator and with their health visitor, who visits them regularly.

Here, three families affected by sudden infant death share their stories of the amazing support that the CONI programme has provided to them.

Over time we would like to expand The Mumdrum Loss Section, to include stories of pregnancy loss as well as baby loss.  If you have a story that you would like to share please e-mail me at [email protected]


  • Is it miscarriage stories you're looking for ? I wrote mine last year. It's been published on a blog though. Am I allowed to have it used again?

  • I would be happy to submit my stories, if you want them?

  • Yes, we would welcome both your stories, thank you for offering to share them.  Based on recent feedback, they will be highly valued by other members of the community.

  • Sarah what sort of format do you want it in?

  • Hi Imp, there is no set format in terms of word count, structure etc.  If you're able to email your story through to me in a Word document that would be great.  Thank you

  • i was told i need to be under the coni team as only lost my 2 year old last may 

  • i feel really guilty getting preg so soon after i lost my little lady but it was for a selfish reason gettin preg i couldn't cope with out having her around even now i feel lost

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