Storing breastmilk


I am going to start expressing today, and want to collect some up in a bottle for my H to try to give Z a bottle at the weekend.  I have sterilised a bottle and will put what I get today in there and then put it in the fridge.  Can I add what I collect tomorrow into the same bottle or do I need to put it in a separate sterilised bottle?


  • I always did mine separately as my Son wouldn't really take a bottle or cup so the milk got wasted. In fact, any time I expressed I don't think I ever stored it in more than 2oz batches. I used to decant what i pumped into those double seal plastic bags.

  • You can add it together, but not straight away, you need to cool it to the same temperature first. It always 'expires' from the date of the oldest milk though. Be weary of putting too much together though, in case they don't take much in one go, it's heartbreaking to have to waste it!

    Kellymom website is my guidance for storing breast milk.

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