Stranger Anxiety

Last Sunday F's collected him and took him to visit his parents. F had been a little off all weekend and had just woken up not in the greatest form and I got a call to say he was coming home because he wouldn't stop crying. Now he is being strange with my cousin who he is normally fond off. His bottom lip quivers and he starts screaming. Today I managed to calm him without taking him home but I am not sure how his daddy will be able to cope if he does it again at his parents. He is normally a happy baby who has smiles and stories for everyone so I'm not sure what is going on. Is he too young (19 weeks) for stranger anxiety? Does anyone have any experience or tips on how to deal with this they can give me? Thanks 


  • My daughter always used to cry when she saw one of my friends in particular, around when she was 12-18 months old. Eventually it turned out that my friend had knelt down to play with her and knelt on her hand, she felt so bad about it she didn't tell me at the time - I am sure my daughter remembered the incident, as she cried every time she saw her for a good while afterwards!

  • FL that sounds like something I would do! Sounds like your lo with hold a grudge :)

  • S gets this occasionally too - bottom lip out and cries seemingly in fright, it's horrible. I thought it was too young for SA as well but it's strange it's happening when he's not with you. Though saying that if he was grizzly when he woke up could he maybe be teething? Sam had little bouts of painful crying yesterday and was a bit unsettled and I think it was teething related as he also struggled to feed which is unusual. Calpol sorted him straight out.

    The other thing is, are his GPs calm or quite in his face? My mum has made him cry a few times getting quite over excited with him and really in his face, particularly if he's just woke up or is ready for a nap. I feel bad for both her and S as she's just excited to see him, but I think is a bit overwhelming! S is also usually very smiley and easy going, so I think with him it's more individual reactions to a situation than stranger anxiety if that makes sense.

    Would his Dad be happy to make changes / ask him mum to not be too all over him at first?

  • I think over excited would be an understatement! Will try and get them to be much more calm when he first arrives, I'm sure they make a massive fuss and that has probably terrified him. His mum always knows best though and will probably say he needs to learn, yes he needs to learn. Yes he needs to learn not to cry when he is afraid, course he does!

  • Such a good point - why do people say that? They need to learn their needs are responded too, that's it really! Hope you get on ok, FX they will chill out a little. Sam adores my Mum and laughs away once he has had 10 mintues to get used to her / wake up etc. She is lovely but definitely too in his face at times!

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