Struggling with indigestion

This sounds so silly when there are people who are feeling worse than I am but I'm really struggling with indigestion this week. I've only found out I'm pregnant 2 weeks ago, although not felt 'right' for a while. This week I've been getting indigestion after my evening meal even though I'm eating much less than I used to and then trying to have little snacks. I've tried drinking milk but I've been up till 2 for the last 3 nights and finding it hard to get up at half 5/6 for work. I'm a natural worrier and am starting to panic that if I can't cope with this, how will I be when my symptoms get worse? Just need some advice.

I'm about 6 - 8 weeks I think (not entirely sure due to my periods). Any help appreciated (even if it is to tell me to stop being so pathetic!)


  • Rennies!!!! Try sleeping propped up a bit more too. You can also take gaviscon but I hate the stuff.

  • It's horrid, I know. I had awful heartburn all through pregnancy.

    Milk can soothe to start with but actually make things worse, so maybe ease off on that? Gaviscon was the only thing that helped me, my midwife organised it on repeat prescription for me so perhaps you could ask for the same/similar. I propped the head end of our bed up on some books to try and keep me from lying flat.

    Hope it's only a temporary thing for you!

  • Rennies, I could never stomach Gaviscon and used to throw it up straight away, which put me off it more, but rennies did help, you can get fruit flavoured ones which helped alot. And i used to sit up a lot, the only releif I truly had was sleep. Hope it gets better for you soon.

  • I suffered really badly with indigestion and still do but it's no where near as bad... I just use the tesco indigestion own brand find they work really well, Cant use gaviscon it doesn't work for me (never has even before pregnancy) and makes me feel sick, I find the others to chalky, But these ones are fruit flavored and not too bad :) hope they help!

  • I used to swig gaviscon from the bottle in the middle of the night. Brilliant stuff

  • Gaviscon did nothing for me, I had ranitidine on prescription which just about kept it under control

  • I too swigged gaviscon, don't buy boots own...bleugh! It's horrid though but you will get through it! Congratulations too!

  • You can only take 12 rennies a day iirc when pregnant which wouldn't have got me out of the door for work let alone through the day.

    I'd examine what you are eating. If it's caffinated, garlic,  tomato, spicy, dairy.. that'll all aggrevate it. I lived on a very plain diet as I struggled from 5-40 weeks having never had it before. Also echo what was said about milk and same for peppermint.  

    Gavison made me vomit very violently (which tbf did make me feel better,  haha) but in the end I was prescribed pills. I was so sick with it too. All the way through.  Awful.

  • I'm eating packets of Rennies and mints inbetween. I know I'm ODing on Rennies but I can't seeing it being a major problem. Peppermint tea also helps me.

  • I live of Gaviscon!

  • Thank you so much I'm feeling calmer today and have bought all mentioned remedies so i can try them over next few weeks to find out what works for me. Diet was mentioned, when you say plain foods what sort of foods do you mean?

  • I have peppermint oil capsules which make your burps minty! They're pretty good. I quite like tesco version of gavison. I have the liquid stuff at home and the chalky tablets when out. They get stuck to your teeth but I've sussed a method of chewing with only my front teeth so I can get rid of the chalky bit quicker!

  • I swigged Gaviscon out of the bottle in the middle of the night! Mine was also much worse if i slept on my right hand side.....

  • Diet wise I lived off... Toast, ham sandwiches, cocopops, plain pasta, chicken, jacket potato oven chips, fruit and veg (non acidic fruit) cottage pie, plain crisps, lemon and lime water and malted milk biscuits for a good 15-20 weeks of my pregnancy. I could have steak if not cooked in oils.

    Things I HAD to give up, as I got immediately ill, were: Tomato based things (pasta bake, pizza) , Garlic bread & anything with added garlic, Indian takeouts, fried foods, chocolate, tea and coca cola (any fizzy drinks). As I got closer to the end I could tolerate a chocolate bar / glass of coke as long as I was good for the rest of the day, Never lost so much weight as in the first 6 months of pregnancy!

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