I now I'm not a prolific poster on here but I do lurk, a lot! I'm really struggling at the moment and I don't know what to do.  B is a wonderful little boy, he's so smiley and happy and I feel totally blessed that he's here, but it'd is it hard work! he's so active, crawling or climbing on everything.  Now he won't nap in his cot either as he can stand up in it so things that's the best thing ever! Im a teacher and went back to work on Monday and it was great, it was so nice to have a break from and and to be able to think, Ive gone back to work part time so only work mon and tues, and today I'm finding it really hard.  It doesn't help that recently his sleep overnight has gone to pot and heswaking up at least once for a bottle. I'm just finding it really hard And I'm feeling totally rubbish about it.  Not sure why I'm posting ...


  • Aw Noodle, I don't think your B is that much older than E, and we just went through this at the start of August.. It got to the point where I could (and did) cry when H left for work, as E was extremely hard work.. That's when she started pulling up and cruising, and going from laying to sitting, and it was all a bit much for her little body to cope with and we had a lot of crying, and moaning, and struggling, and the refusal to sleep too - day and night. Naps I found myself breaking everyone of E "rules" she'd put in place herself (which was fine) such as rocking her to sleep etc which she has always hated. However, 5 weeks on and she is just lovely, she is more confident at the moving so I can let her be instead of having to be contstant be behind her, and the activity, finally is knocking her out.

    What I guess i'm saying is, that this will pass, and in the meantime, chocolate, and cake are you answers. And, please post on her as much as you feel you need to. x

  • Thank you LM, I just feel a bit down at the mo and it doesn't help that H is out tonight, so were on our own until later.  I hope he gets throughthis phase as its so demanding!

  • My little man is a year old this month and to say he keeps me on my toes is an understatment (I come to work mon-weds for a rest).  I can't say his sleeping patten has changed since his found different ways to get to places (crawling or walking with the aid of furniture) but then I have never enforced sleep on him and always been very relaxed.  My theroy was if his not tired he wont sleep so why stress myself out with trying.  I also think that there is no right or wrong way to bring a child up and every parent has their own way.  A has very rarely slept through the night he normally wakes anywhere between 3-5 times.  Sometimes I just go into his room pop his dummy in and he goes straight back off other times he refuses so I put him in bed with us where he drops off eventually.  I'm a strong believer that children will find there own way.  

    Have you tried taking your LO out for a few hours of fresh air maybe to the park.  I find the days I take A out he is more likly to have a couple of hours nap in the afternoon.  Also would you be happy to let your LO have daytime naps in the pram or on pillows on the floor.  This is how my LO naps during the day.  Tiredness is horrible so I really do feel for you x

  • Mrs poon - we go out every day and I'm happy for him to sleep In his pram, but this afternoon he was so tired but refused to sleep as standing up was too much fun!!!! He's been so tired this afternoon so I really wish he'd have slept!

  • B is the same age as O and I'm finding this time much, much harder than the newborn days! I think the days off when you go to work are only going to highlight just how much high maintenance he is at the moment when you're at home with him. We too are having night wakenings and it is driving me loopy as nothing will settle him.

    So, I don't have any advice but just wanted to say I feel your pain. I just keep telling myself 'this too shall pass' through gritted teeth when he is being a monkey.

  • Noodle I wish I could offer more advise but baby's are a puzzle.  I always say to h I wish A could talk at least that way I would know what he wants  I'm sure once B has got bored of his new found skill he will go back to having some naps for his mummy x

  • HT - I'm really glad it's not just me! I hope O starts sleeping and you get some rest as well. I actually text my H and said I think I want to go back full time, which then made me feel awful! As you said this too shall pass! He's now sparko, so I think I may have a glass of wine tonight!

  • Ah I remember those days, between all the feeding like a newborn with the milk and solids and trying to keep the, away from cables etc etc its so hard work. I found getting out to lots of groups helped my sanity and at least I didn't feel like it was just happening to me as I saw others doing it. I still need to get her out the house now shes three for me sometimes more than her!

  • I don't really have any advice I'm afraid, but I do remember the feeling of going to work for a rest.  I always found the difficult phases so all consuming - you know they will pass, but it never feels like it at the time.  Hugs to you and I hope the napping and night sleep get back on track very soon x

  • Hi noodle, me again.. The past 3 nights A has gone all night in his cot and the only thing I have done differently is move his evening bath time from 5pm to anywhere between 7pm and 8pm.. Not sure if its any help but just wanted to share with you x

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