Stupid sling question...why a connecta?!

With our first, we used a babybjorn. I really don't know much about slinging, what is so good about the connecta? I'm wondering if we need one this time round?



  • The best type of slings support babies from knee to knee which is the optimum position for them - the Bjorns and similar carriers put all the pressure on baby's crotch instead. Also the outward facing position which is popular doesn't hold baby's spine in a good shape and can be uncomfortable for the person carrying - you can't carry facing out in a Connecta or similar sling, it's either a front carry facing in or a back carry.

    The Connecta is one of the cheapest of its type which is one reason why it is so popular but it's still more expensive than a baby Bjorn - worth every penny though in my opinion. It will definitely last a lot longer than a Bjorn, I was still using mine at the beginning of this year with my son who was 2.5yrs by then. The resale value is also excellent.

  • As Margot said re the knee to knee to support for baby. Also babybjorn dangle from the wearers neck - whereas you want the weight spreading out down your back / into pelvis. Espeically when baby gets bigger!

    Manducas, Ergos, Mei teis etc provide the same knee to knee support but the Connecta comes in much cooler, more colourful designs

  • I found the Connecta to be a comfortable and eay to use sling. I also use a Mei Tai which is a tie up version of the Connecta. With this sorts of slings, they keep a baby's spine in its natural C shape, rather than the S shape that the carriers, like the Baby Bjorn, force the baby into. Slings are also better on baby's hips too - is site will give more info on the ins and outs

  • Margot I don't the connectas are more expensive than the baby bjorn are they?

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