Summer 2013 babies - how are they doing?

Saw a few of my tri buddies on here recently so thought it would be nice to catch up. How is everyone?

N is 25 weeks on Monday and is gorgeous. She's long and skinny like her dad, 14lb 1oz at 24 weeks which is between 9th and 25th centile but 91st centile for length!
Still BF and we started weaning a week or two ago as she was so ready, she loves her food and is having a really good go at everything we offer. Sleep is still a bit hit and miss and has been disrupted by a dreadful cold this week but hopefully will settle again.

She rolls everywhere and is now managing to wriggle backwards but not forwards just yet. She's mostly a very happy and cheerful girl though and loves her brothers lots.

I'd add a photo but can't right now - would love to see your babies though and hear how things are going.


  • Hi margot. S is 28 weeks today!  He's a happy, chilled out baby. We're still breastfeeding,  mainly co sleep and his sleep is a bit hit and miss too. Got him weighed last week for the 1st time in ages and he was 18lb. In his 6-9 month clothes mainly now.  He'll be crawling soon I think - hes able to get himself across the room by rolling just now but he's always up on his knees rocking,  just needs to figure out how to move.  Still no teeth despite showing the signs months ago and his gums are bulging. Weaning is going well,  he mainly feeds himself but I spoon feed if I'm in a rush!

    Hope everyone else is doing well

  • Hey margot and ally, lovely to hear how they are doing!

    Well O is 20 weeks now and very much developing his own personality. He weighed 14ib 10 at 18 weeks and am researching weaning ready to start in hopefully 6 weeks! He was sleeping 12 hours straight but the last week has been really unsettled and crying a lot at night (very unusual for him) I'm hoping its a developmental leap that will pass soon. He has been rolling over for 2 months now and is desperate to crawl, he is getting massively frustrated he can get up in his arms and on his knees but not at the same time at the moment.

    I've slowly started coming round to the idea of giving him a sibling in the future after being adamant I wouldn't do it again but we shall see

  • Hi girls. S is 25 weeks today and started on solids last week. He's an awful breastfeeder but luckily is loving what we're giving him! He's now 16.5 lbs and tall too. He's started rolling but not interested in doing it often. He's v chatty so is making lots of sounds but not very physically active. He's v nosy though! Still breastfeeding and still not sleeping. We're up every hour some nights. Once his current cold and developmental leap are over I'm hoping to tackle it and g
  • et him sleeping in his own room.

    Lovely to hear how everyone else is getting on! Xx
  • Do I count as a Summer 13 mum? W was 8 months old yesterday day and at his latest weigh in, he was 22lb11oz which keeps him in the 91st centile.

    He has been the most amazing baby. We've had no problems with him at all. He loves to eat, loves to sleep loves to play on his own! He just amazes me so much! He's starting to try and stand up now which is amazing to watch, and I'm really going to miss him when I go back to work next week. :-(

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