Sunday Night Thread!

Hope you don't mind me starting this!
hope everyone has had a good Sunday? H was out today so I put E in the sling and went for a nice long walk! H has been pretty hungover and I'm knackered so he is currently giving her a bottle while I express and we hope she goes down after so we can all go to bed!!


  • Evening. I'm currently sat  on the bed rocking like a loon. M is so tired she's worked herself up and now can't sleep.

  • Evening ladies, O is 'sleeping' at the moment before his 12pm feed but he's got wind which I spent an hour and a half trying to get him to bring up (or down!) but he just doesn't. He's sleeping but making loads of uncomfortable noises and flapping about. I'm hoping he settles better after the next feed. He feeds every 4 hours but that's from starting one bottle to the next (so 8pm then midnight) and will occasionally go 5 hours after the midnight feed but because of the reflux I have to keep him sitting up for about half an hour after he feeds and it can take an hour plus to try and wind him and he can still have wind after that so I usually only have about 2 hours to actually sleep.

    I can't believe your LO's go for such a longer stretch

  • Evening all, just woken to feed S. I've been asleep for an hour and have woken with horrendous stomach craps, I really hope it's not my period coming back, I'm not ready for it. Fingers crossed S settles quickly after this feed and my pain killers kick in so I can get some sleep.
  • Haha stomach craps = cramps!!
  • Just fed m and put her down in her cot. H woke up to go to loo and closed the door loudly and made her jump and wake up.

    I love her so much and don't want to be away from her for a second so I know it's not an option. But sure do miss sleeping all night. I'm starting to resent my h for him getting so much sleep.

  • I'm feeling the same at the mo custard, I'm up feeding again! S is going backwards again, 3.5 hours between feeds. He has gone through a phase of 5 hours at night which would be nice. I said to my H last night when we came to bed'i would love to go to bed knowing that I would next wake up in the morning! Instead I know I will be woken in 2 hours!!' I just keep telling myself it's not forever, although it feels like it at the mo!
  • 3 hours would be lovely. We've somehow gone from 6 hourly to every 90 minutes. :(

  • Hello, I've just fed my wee Matilda and now off to sleep again :-)

  • Cuatard- hope the rocking worked

    missdeedee- that sounds tough, do u manage to nap during the day?

    banzy- i hope the pain killers work and u get some sleep!

    in sure we all feel the same custard, my H made a comment to a friend about E during her 4am feed & i ended up muttering under my breath 'how would he know!' would be nice if he even helped more before he went to work. Although he does make me tea and toast!

    hi CK!

    i put E down in her crib at 10, she started to stir just after 3:30 so i wen
  • ...everything ready for her bottle and when i went to get her she was asleep again! Almost finished hher bottle now, hoping for another good stretch!!
  • Eurgh, just had an explodapoo! Not what i want to be dealing with at 5am! E is wide awake now!
  • Custard I think that's all normal feelings and we've all been there! 90 mins is not good, do you think there's something that's unsettling her? I know obviously my H gets woken when O is crying during the night and he's often tired too, but he doesn't actually get out of bed so even though he's maybe not slept through constantly, he's still been in bed for say 7 hours without having to get out of if! I would love to go to bed and even if I was woken every hour, be able to just fall back asleep and not have to get up! It feels a long time before I'll be in bed for 7 hours again!

    Banzy how are you feeling now? Hope you got a longer stint after the 3pm feed

    Hi CK

    Mrs Bass E sounds like she's a good sleeper! Explodapoo is NOT fun! My H has been off work so not been easy to nap during the day (I hear him pottering about and just keep waking). He has been taking O from half 9 until midnight so I can have some sleep but if O is crying I can still hear him and I keep waking up. He's back to work today so will be nice if O is sleeping to just have a half hour or hour on the sofa here and there. If I could just get O to get rid of his wind I would get some better time inbetween feeds as it's making him wake now when he is going to sleep.

    What is it everyone says... This will will get better!

  • Ah missdeedee, to be in bed for 7 whole hours!! That would be lush. H sets his alarm for 7 and snoozes until 8, i get annoyed if E wakes up then and he doesn't help. Saying that, when i got back in bed at 5am, he had been on my side keeping it warm for me!

    I've been using the mantra, if it doesn't kill me it makes me stronger!!
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