Swelling in late preg

I'm satisfied I haven't got pre-eclampsia, but my legs and feet (and hands) are very swollen.

My feet get sore, and feel all tight etc, but I'm not always able to put them up. I have been good about it mostly but this week is looking a bit busy - the advice online is always to elevate. But what if I don't? There's no consequences other than the pain, is there?



  • Has the MW ruled out the PE?

  • She wasn't worried at last appointment, and prior. Urine clear, BP raised for me last 2-3 weeks but not at the range to be concerned, no other PE symptoms. In fact, I feel pretty good at the mo :)  

  • When you can't raise them can you dampen a towel/flannel with cold water and lay it over them?

    This weekend iv done that and also filled the foot spa with cold water it's been lush!

  • Not a bad idea, cheers Mon. I can even get away with a wet flannel under my desk I reckon :)

  • It's been lovely whilst I look like the elephant man

  • When was your last check? PE can come on like lightening. I was fine on a mw check, few days later I was rushed in to hospital where I stayed for over a month... Better to be safe than sorry where swelling etc is concerned counter x

  • Thanks. I'm sure I'm fine. I am prone to swelling but I ballooned up about 3 weeks ago and it worried me, got all checked out, bought a BP monitor, starting working part-days at home on the bed. I just didn't know if I could be exacerbating anything else by not elevating etc, if it's the discomfort I can live with that and know where I stand

    If I get suspicious there's more going on I do get checked out :)

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