Swimming at Center Parcs - 6 months old

Hi all

We are going to center parcs in May when S will be 6 months old. What should he wear when we go swimming, should he have a fleecy wetsuit or just some trunks and a wrap? The main pool isn't usually particularly warm but the do have the heated pool too.
Tia x


  • I took S in January at 8 months.  She wore a wetsuit as when trying her without it she got really cold.

  • P was a bit older when we took her, 12 months and just wore a cossie. We are going in September when this baby will be about 4/5months and I'll probably get him a wetsuit
  • Thanks VE, will invest in one then x
  • We're going beginning of june and F will be 5 months. Ive got a wetsuit and happy nappy for over his swim nappy. Dont want any poo accidents!

  • Where have you got your wetsuits from? They are quite pricey aren't they, I can't see us getting that much use out of it so don't want to pay a fortune x
  • I'd ask on the fb selling page qnd see if anyone is selling one

  • T was 6 months when we went in September he wore a swim nappy and one of those wrap things he was fine , loved it

  • Just to mention when we were there last year there was a fire alarm that was set off by mistake, which meant that everyone had to evacuate the pool but we were not allowed I to the changing rooms. It meant there were hundreds of people standing around the pool for at least half an hour. Then certain members of staff started using the external fire doors which led from the pool area to outside to get in and out as there were so many people standing around. It made the air temperature freezing, and there were many children who were starting to go blue! Our kids luckily had dressing gown type robes so they were ok, but they were still shivering. Some families didn't have any towels or clothes and it got so cold there were little babies going blue as they were wet and it was so cold. The staff eventually brought round some of those tin foil blankets for the coldest people, but it was still pretty bad. It's made me aware of always taking towels or robes into the pool area, as if it happens again you would not be allowed into the changing room - one of the restaurant staff said it happens quite regularly. We are also going in May with a 3 month old so thanks for reminding me!

  • Thanks for the warning fig leaves x
  • We took N at just under 4 months old. He had a swim nappy and a wetsuit wrap over the top which we got from eBay (it was a mothercare one)

    We also had a swim seat for him which was great. He loved bobbing about in it and I just pushed him round the lazy river!

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