Taking an out n about nipper 360 double on the plane

Anyone done this? I'd like to take it all the way to the gate.

I'm just a bit worried about how big it is when folded and the fact we don't have a carry bag for it. The carry bags are so ££ that I don't see the point as the buggy has only cost us £100, and the kiddicare generc bag doesn't look like it'll be big enough...



  • I'd take it. With Ours we took our pram right to the entrance of the plane. H folded it and left it at the side of the door. It was there again when we got off at the other side. Same when we took it on other flights.

  • No buggy bag?

    Did you tag it with anything so you could tell it was yours?

  • We could take ours to the gate and then on arrival it was at the plane, on the return we had to collect it from the baggage carousel, which was a bit of a PITA.

  • You don't need a bag. Just take it to the gate. They'll stick a luggage tag on it when you check in.

  • WRustyS.

    I'd def take it, you won't be the first to take a double to the gate, wouldn't see its any different to taking a single really

  • What rusty says.  We've never had a buggy bag.  Ours have only been cheap strollers though, we've never taken a double away with us, but I can't see it being any different.

  • Yeah, never used a buggy bag.

    I tagged it like my suitcases and they also tagged it when we booked in.

    We had it literally until we stepped onto the plane, were given priority boarding on and off each flight. That was with Easyjet and KLM.

  • Oh I'm def taking it, no question about that as holiday and the airport is the only reason I bought it!

    Was really just wondering if I needed a bag for it as I always put my single in a bag when we went on holiday.

    Won't bother with a bag though if you don't think it's necessary!

    Thanks all Smile

  • <I have also bought another sling for the enormous walk from the plane to baggage claim where we collect the buggy just so I can sling the toddler!>

  • Hepburn, it was the bit where you land until you get to baggage reclaim that has always been the worse.  When we went to Florida with E we had to queue for about 40 mins with no pushchair as we couldn't get it back until baggage reclaim after we'd been through customs, and the same coming back into the UK when we went to spain earlier on this year.  Unfortunately we've never had the buggy given back until baggage reclaim, and so getting through customs has been nightmares both times so the sling is an excellent idea.

  • I'm hoping H can sling one child, and I can sling the other, so the midnight walk through Gatwick is less painful Chids!!

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