talk to me about 2 year olds!

We are adopting and today we were asked about increasing our age to two and a half. We had planned for a baby so I'm not really sure what I would need or how their routines work?

Do they still use a pushchair?
Still use nappies?
Do they sleep in a cot?
Do they nap?

Worth noting that adopted toddlers often regress so their behaviour will likely be that of an 18-2 year old and I don't drive!

Oh and any must have toys?


  • They vary massively at that age. Mine still napped for 2 hours once a day minimum, he slept in a bed, he could feed himself mostly. He would walk quite a way but is always take a pushchair for a day out.

    As for nappies, I attempted to potty train at 2 but it took a year! From the 3 adoptees I know they were all late developmentally so I shouldn't imagine many are dry at 2.

    I had a little table and chairs for most meals but highchair for eating with us.

    How exciting! I hope you find your child soon
  • Obviously, all children are different, but from my experience:

    Pushchair - a stroller may be useful, as they'll tire quite easily on longer trips

    Highchair - depends on how big the child is. You could get a booster seat that fits into a dining chair if they are a bit smaller.

    Nappies - quite possibly, although some children do toilet train early, i'd think it would be more unlikely for a child who has had upheaval.

    Naps - probably down to one a day if they still do.

    Cot - i'd imagine they would be in a toddler bed by that age.

    Toys - i'd start with basics such as building blocks, happy land, puzzles. Things that you can sit and play together to give you the opportunity to get to know each other while you play. It may be nice to but them a special teddy or there may be something they're already quite attached to. They may also like painting and sensory play.

    If the foster parents have installed a routine you could go with that to keep some consistency. For a child that age, i'd imagine that there would be a period of getting to know rhem before they were handed over, so i imagine you'd have some time to work out if you would need any of the above.

  • I agree with a lot of what WH has said. Isla is 2yr 4 months a very competent walker but I would definitely take the pushchair for days out.

    She's not toilet trained yet but is starting to show signs of awareness of when she needs to go.

    She never sits still so a highchair is a must although she loves her food she would be up and down at the table if she wasn't strapped in.

    She's still in her cot bed with sides on. She sleeps so well in it I'm loathed to make the transition to a bed.

  • Still naps for two hours everyday just after lunch. She can get through a whole day without one but the last few hours before bath time are very hard!!

    How exciting for you I hope everything goes smoothly xx
  • My 2 year old is similar to those above. Still in nappies (not showing many signs of being ready to potty train).

    She sits in a highchair but could easily sit in a boaster chair.

    We moved her into a bed when she fell out of her cot a month before she turned 2.

    We use a sling rather than a buggy but I'd think you'd want a buggy for long journeys.

    She still usually has a 2 hour afternoon nap but I think this is on the way out (although I hope not!)

  • Thanks guys! This is all useful. Little Welsh Ones I'm not enquiring about what to buy I'm getting a sense of what sort of parenting I'll be doing as we had originally planned a baby. I hadn't thought about older toddlers or what things they like. I have a 2 year old nephew but not sure if he's the norm if that makes sense.

    We know there's an almost certain developmental delay so that's something to factor in. I'm thinking of a highchair that converts into a seat so will grow with them. I have an urbo so will use that to start with.

    Yes there is a period of introductions but only a week to ten days and little one would be with us every day so we will have to be prepared earlier but foster carer will help with that and we will stick with the routine.

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