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Talk to me about Chemical pregnancies...

So, we are now on cycle 2 of ttc our second child. Last month, I started to feel like I was pregnant, about 5 or 6 days before I was due AF. Then all of a sudden, the symptoms I had disappeared and AF appeared early. I usually get my period 14 days are ovulation, but I came on 12 days after ovulation. It's been a really odd period. At times, much much lighter than normal and then very heavy at others (TMI, sorry!) It is carrying on for ages too, which is really annoying as we want to get on with cycle 2!

Is thera a chance I might have been pregnant and lost it very early? I've had had a miscarriage before but it was at 9 weeks and so very different.

It doesn't make any difference really, just wondered if it may have been something.


  • Im not sure but I dont think u will ever no for certain and maybe thats best way. If it were for ttc and testing on day of period I prob wouldnt have known about my w as one was at 4.5 one was at 5 most people that arent trying wouldn't test so early. ...personally I wish I hadnt have known about mine as they absolutely broke my heart. So id try not think about it in too much depth. Good luck with next cycle x

  • I've had 3 biochemical pregnancies. All were during the course of fertility treatment so I was having regular blood tests to check hormone levels approaching ovulation, after ovulation (or egg collection when I was doing ICSI) so I knew I was pregnant exactly at 4+0. I lost each one by 4+3.

    to be honest those periods were slightly heavier than a normal period, but otherwise no different really. 

    Its hard to say whether you've had one or whether you've just had a dodgy cycle. 

    My miscarriage at 9 weeks was much worse and the bleeding from that went on for a couple of weeks. 

    im sorry I can't be more help really. 


  • When i had a chemical pregnancy last year i lost it at 4+5. Was like a normal period but did have bad cramping overnight. You will never know for sure so try not to upset yourself if you can. Easier said than done i know xx

  • with my second m/c, I had all the symptoms of being pregnant, (metallic taste in mouth, sore breasts, no AF, tired/nauseous) but I didn't get a BFP.   GP thought I had a chemical pregnancy that started all the symptoms but then the egg didn't implant, but my body started reacting to the hormone surge so I had symptoms.  In the end my AF came two weeks late and was heavier than usual.  

  • Have you been on the pill? if so it could just be that your cycles haven't settled down yet if you are only on cycle 2. If not then as the others said you will never really know for sure xx

  • Nope, no pill. Guess I will never know. Onwards and upwards!

  • I've had a chemical pregnancy. I pretty much have 28 day cycles. My chemical pregnancy happened a few days after my AF was due. So I would probably have been about 4+3

  • Try not to think of it, as you say onwards and upwards. Ive been told something like 1 in 5 pregnancies end early on usually so early you dont know if you have been pregnant or not, there is nothing wrong with the sperm or the egg but for some reason the embryo just isnt sustainable. I think its best to keep your attitude of onwards and upwards x

  • Did any of you notice any difference in your next cycle? I think I'm having a much longer cycle than normal now and no idea when or if I have Ovulated! gah!

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