Talk to me about early symptoms (or lack thereof!!)

I'm 4+1 today.  Up until Saturday night I had nausea pretty much all day - not strong and I didn't feel like I'd be sick at any time but had it fairly constantly the whole time.  I also had some pulling feelings in my abs, not all the time but here and there.  I was hungry most of the day and boobs were reasonably sore.

Yesterday I got up and everything seemed to have pretty much gone.  I get hungry now and again, nausea now and again, boobs are slightly sore but not as much as they were.  Basically a marked reduction on the way I'd felt up to then.

I'm not tired at all (apart from the usual tiredness that I get most days), I don't really have cramps apart from an odd twinge here and there that is so quick and mild I wonder if it was even cramps at all.

This happened to me the last time when I was 6 weeks.  Its like somebody turned a switch off overnight which ended up a mmc.

I know its still early for symptoms but because I've had past experience of this I'm super worried.

Has anybody else experienced something like this and everything has been ok?


  • It's really common to gave barely any symptoms early on. In all if my pregnancies they haven't really kicked in until about 6 weeks. I know how hard it is not to worry when you've had a loss but it's so common at your stage. Try and keep busy so you aren't thinking about it constantly and hopefully in a few weeks you'll be feeling awful. If you know what I mean!!

  • thanks AR.  I think its because they were there and have now disappeared overnight like the last time.  I'm trying (unsuccessfully) not to worry

  • I didn't really have any symptoms at all (and at almost 18 weeks I still don't, except for a little bump!) I only felt sick when I got really hungry, and even then it was more of a queasiness than anything more severe. I literally had one day where the thought of tea had me running to the toilet at work in case I was sick but the next day it completely disappeared and I was back to normal. I also didn't really even feel like I was going to the loo more than usual, in fact I'm still not waking up in the night to go even now. I was tired in the first tri but nothing too severe, that actually seem to get worse from about 12 weeks...I'm still waiting for that burst of energy the books talk about!

    My main symptoms were bad skin and weird dreams both of which didn't really make me 'feel' pregnant. Even my boobs weren't that sore in the day (although they were agony some nights and would wake me up when I rolled over in my sleep!). I was googling false positives and had almost convinced myself it was all in my head until I had my first scan.  Have you thought about an early reassurance scan?

  • thanks Flossy that makes me feel a lot better.  I'll be able to get an early scan through the NHS because of last time but that won't be for another 3 weeks at least which seems like a lifetime away at this point.

  • I had no symptoms really.. My sore breasts disappeared pretty early on and other than the odd cramping now and then, I had nothing until the nausea started at around 7 weeks. Hoping time flies and you get the reassurance you need from the scan xx

  • Ive had no symptoms at all except a bit of tiredness at first which is normal for me as I'm always tired. I worried constantly about it and was in denial until the 12 week scan but all was fine. It's awful when the time drags but I hope the early scan is reassuring.

  • My symptoms were non-existant until 6 weeks when it all hit me like a train..!

  • My symptoms disappeared a lot when I was pregnant with L and then would come back, full force after a few days. I understand how you're feeling. It's ok to take things one day at a time, that was the only way I could get through the 1st trimester. X

  • Hey :) first time round i just had tiredness and sore breasts....this time round it appears that I never realised I was pregnant until 11 weeks lol so no symptoms x

  • I had a few symptoms very early like you, which then disappeared - I'm guessing things settled down post-implantation? I was also worried about my lack of symptoms so went for a private scan at 7 weeks. Around 2 days after the scan the sickness and nausea appeared big time, along with the exhaustion, I think baby just likes to find ways for me to spend money!

  • Hey, I had sypmtoms on and off, never really overly strong ones either. Some days I ad sore boobs, others I didnt, same with feeling sick. I didnt feel tired much until I was about 10 weeks! Try not to worry.

  • I hardly had any symptoms. Tiredness has been my main one and I had a bit of nausea but that came and went.  

    I would say to try and enjoy youe time symptom free incase they come back really bad!!

  • I felt sick for about 3 or 4 days when I was around 6 weeks but other than that I didn't feel much till I got the odd fluttering at 22 weeks. I honestly didn't feel pregnant at all until the 3rd tri. Try not to worry x

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