Talk to me about hypnobirthing and or lazy daisy antenatal classes

I really want a home birth with this pregnancy & want to look into hypnobirthing classes. Has anyone done one? Are there different types of classes? I've seen lazy daisy classes advertised but wandered if they cover a lot of the breathing. Thanks in advance x


  • I've met a few Mums who've been on those classes and they really rate them. If they were about when I was expecting C I'd probably have signed up too, but as they weren't  I depended on the Marie Mongan book and affirmations CD which saw me through a home birth quite nicely.

  • I'm doing lazy daisy active birthing classes. They do cover the breathing as well as movements to relax and strengthen your muscles. I like the fact that the classes are small (there's just 6 of us) and the yoga-type movements help me ease my aching back as well as strengthen other muscles. I'm not planning on giving birth at home but I'd like to give birth at a midwife-led-unit and use the birthing pool, if possible.

  • I did the Marie Monaghan CD and book at home as well as pregnancy yoga home DVD. It helped me feel very relaxed during the end of my pregnancy and felt relaxed whilst in hospital being induced. I didn't use it too give birth as I never laboured but I think it would have helped

  • Thanks ladies, I found out that the course near me is currently run on a sat morning when I run a drama group but she said she'd keep me informed if she ever runs sunday classes or if she runs one over the summer hols. I really think this is what I'm looking for.

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