Talk to me about swimming with a baby!

O really enjoys being in the bath and it's made me think about taking him to the pool.

What age did you take yours? What did they wear?


  • I took S about 10 weeks for the first time and now we go once a week. She loves it. She wears a swim nappy and a swimsuit and sometimes a little wetsuit over the top

  • I took J for the first time at 10weeks old. She loved it. We go most weeks with her now x

  • Isla was also 10 weeks when we first took her. She loved it and has been doing water babies every week since, so nearly two years. Already got maya signed up for feb but yet to take her to our local pool.
  • Isla wore a swim nappy and costume. We went to a hydrotherapy pool which is very warm. For WB she also has to wear a happy nappy to prevent poo leakages!
  • Thanks for the replies, is it recommended to wait until they're 10 weeks or is it just coincidence that you all went at the same time? I'd like to go asap x

  • You can go as early as you like, there is no recommendation to wait until after jabs although some classes don't take them until older. In the youngest group at our Puddleducks lessons there are 4/5 week olds. Choose your pool carefully and phone to check temp, most have the baby pools like baths! Also take a towel to pool side with you so you can wrap up straight away and be prepared to feed straight after, it makes them hungry!
  • The only recommendation that there is is to wait until your bleeding has stopped. We took Isobelle at 5 weeks but didn't start going regularly until we started weekly lessons at 9 weeks old. We used (& still use at 21 months) a swimming nappy & a swimming costume over the top. As AR said I'd take 2 towels for your baby 1 to wrap around them when they get out of the pool & 1 to dry them with. They can only cope with about 20 mins initially but well worth it. Have fun. Oh & 1 last tip, the swimming nappies are only really to stop any poo going into the pool but they don't absorb pee so don't put them in the swim nappy until you get them changed at the pool (my sister learnt this the hard way!!)

  • No recommendation to wait til 10 weeks that's just a coincidence. Water babies is suitable from birth. x
  • We took D at about 8 weeks I think. Agree on taking two towels. We have just finished a term of water babies , which was fun and useful for ideas to use in the pool. We use a little neoprene wetsuit thing which has arms over the swim nappy as D got cold the first time we took him with swim nappy and water babies happy nappy. He is a lot happier with the wetsuit on (but he is on the small side and most other babies in the class seemed v happy with swim nappy and happy nappy).

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