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Those with teething, dummy using Los, did/do you find that their dummy helps teething pain in the night or makes no difference? Sam, 8.5 m old, is currently a tooth monster, his 5th and 6th teeth are breaking through, hot on the heels of his top two. He's not getting much of a break from it atm and I'm thinking it must be contributing to his too regular night wakings. He wakes without really waking, from crying, every 1ish hours but goes straight off when I pop his dummy back in, I'm also using teething gel when I can. Often then, he will cry out again, 5/10 minutes later, leading me to think it's pain related.

My suspicion for a while though is that the dummy needs to go - the usual story of him not being able to get back to sleep without sucking. I'm dreading doing it, but really think it will be for the best, I'm just not sure if he genuinely needs it / it's soothing him atm with teething and if I'll be mean taking it away! Obviously though, he could sleep so much better without it, and these bad nights are happening more often than not and it's been going on for a while. And even when these teeth are through fully, I know he may still be suffering with gum pain under the surface, so I'm not sure if putting off the dummy ditch is for the best.

Sorry this is so rambly, I'm flipping knackered! Any thoughts or experiences welcome.



  • I think it helps. Even if its just a distraction from the pain. If Henry's are playing up and hasnt his dummy hell ram his hand in and chew for all his might, so I'd rather he had his dummy.

  • No experience Lamby as we still have no teeth... Henry does have a dummy but he no longer wakes for it in the night...maybe that will all change when the teeth do appear...

    Just wanted to send you hugs x

  • Thanks both. HJL - Did Henry used to wake for his dummy and stop, or has it never been an issue?

    My H thinks it's mean to take away the dummy! I'm really unsure what to do but am struggling with how things are currently. Pass the coffee!

  • J ditched the dummy when he started teething, and he was a lot more settled without it TBH.

    I was very against him having a dummy in the first place though, so was glad to see it go.

  • AK - He just ditched it himself? You lucky thing! Sam no longer has it for pushchair and car naps, I stopped that a couple of months ago and it was easy but for naps in the cot he really cried when I tried to get him to sleep without it and I felt awful :( I totally agree though that I think, like J, he will be much more settled without it. It's just the teething dilemma, but obviously that can go on until he's around 2 I think?!

  • Molly had a dummy and although she was restless with teething, it was even worse if you tried to remove the dummy.  We didn't get rid of hers (for bedtime only) until she was two and then it went without a blink of the eye

  • Thanks NB. I wouldn't be fussed about him hanging on to the dummy until he was older if I didn't think it was causing so many sleep problems :( Perhaps I'll wait until these two teggies are fully through, and if that improves things at all. If not I may have to take the plunge, as much as I'd rather not!

  • I  know it is horrible Hug Molly got several teeth all at once (I can remember being all upset that my friends babies had teeth and she was still gummy!) boy did I regret being upset!

  • Lamby..sorry for the delay....rubbish at getting on here nowadays!

    Yes he just stopped waking for it in the night..he still has it when he first goes down but often it comes out and he falls asleep without it....

    Hope things improve soon...

  • We went through.a stage of wake up after wake up, about 8.5-9months and often not even 30mins between, and she wanted the dummy each time,  I don't think it helped the pain but it helped for her to soothe herself back to sleep again iyswim, in the end I removed it, fed to sleep, then put down, rocked during the night,  and eventually she realised she didn't need it. Now she has it, but, will not wake for it, or will put it in herself, almost like she knew we were making a stand, or prhaps she realised she didn't need it..

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