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Tell me about worms...

I could scream!! A has caught every child hood illness/infection going and now we have worms! She wriggled in her sleep all last night and tonight she told me her bottom hurts, I had a look and found one wriggling just outside her bottom and wiped it away!! I now feel disgusting! Do I get the treatment from. Chemist or can I get it from tesco sway? I start work at 9 before the chemist opens! Who's long before its gone???


  • You can get it over the chemist counter is Tesco, iirc the whole family has to take the tabs but it's only one I think. Worms freak me out too, even more than nits....

  • Get it at the pharmacy counter, it won't be out on the shelves.  1 tablet but everyone over 2 yrs in the family needs to be treated.  Tablet only kills the worms, not the eggs so it's advisable to take another dose 2 weeks later to make sure you get them all.  

    They are really itchy and mostly come out at night.  Wearing pants in bed can help stop scratching and getting the eggs under the fingernails (which then get put in the mouth/on to food/spread around).  Excellent handwashing for everyone after toilet and before eating/food prep and wash all bedding.

  • Everything Trio said and wash all towels too. They're horrible, hope you get rid of them soon x

  • What trio said. I got very OCD about washing towels and bedding every other day and hoovering beds in between!

  • Thanks all we all took ovex and will do again in two weeks, I'm a bit like you Lind I'm hoovering and washing like a demon - my husband is loving it lol!

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