Tell Me About Your Pram Please

which one do you have?

What do you like about it?

What could be improved upon (if anything)?

I know this has been done a hundred times before but my first trip to a pram shop today almost made my head explode and I need some direction (or at least a short list!!!).

Thanks in advance xx



  • I have the bugaboo chameleon 3. Love it, it's sturdy, carry cot can be used for overnight sleeping, easy to steer and can navigate it one handed! Only downside, with the carrycot it was bigger than I thought and only just fitted in my boot (now I have the pram bit it's a lot easier). What do you like so far?

  • Thank you.  I literally have no idea Noodle.  There are just soooooooo many!!!!

    I had a look at the Baby Jogger City GT today but I didn't like the way it looked when the carry cot was in it but it was really light and easy to steer.

  • Hi CA! I didn't think the selection in the Govan shop was great so try heading to the pram centre near the barrowlands....especially if you want your head to spin a mini bit more! Lol!

    We bought the city jogger versa. The CJ reviews well (it's mumsnet #1) for the reasons you mentioned plus the folding mechanism is amazingly easy (you can you tube it if you haven't seen it) the 3 wheeler is one of the best for off road walking. We went for the versa because I liked the idea of the reversible seat and also the extendable handle as H and I are both tall. I have two friends who had the city one you looked at and both raved about it and said it was used to breaking point. Having not used it yet I can't comment on the things that I don't like about it.

  • We have the Joie chrome from mothercare. It is easily manoeuvrable, wheels can be locked, very easy to fold down, fits in boot, easy to carry when folded down, frame takes carrycot, car seat and buggy seat, comes with foot muff and rain covers (one for carrycot, one for buggy seat) big basket and easily accessible, funky teal colour! Reasonable price!
  • There are so many! Might be worth making a list on things you def need in a pram then starting to narrow them down from there. One thing for def is try and put them in your boot and collapse it all by yourself ( I found it best to try as heavily pregnant as you can coz it mimicked trying to collapse it post my EMCS so I knew I could get about once H went back to work)

  • I have a bugaboo cameleon 2. I love the pram overall, it's not too heavy, it's easy to steer, it parent faces and faces out, and it fits in my car ok. I don't like the inaccessibility of the basket in carrycot mode, and it was pretty pricey.

  • We have the mamas and papas sola and really like it. Pros for us are:

    Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping

    Forward and rear facing when used as a pushchair

    Pushchair suitable for newborn as lies flat

    Clips together and can be stood up and stored easily when collapsed (a must for us)

    Funky colours!

    Lightweight and easy to push

    Basket accessible when carrycot is on

    Can be used with a car seat attached

    Some things that are less ideal

    Carrycot was extra

    Foot muffs to match were really pricy I thought

    Basket is a little small

    I'm suffering with some stiffness in my fingers at the moment so I'm finding the mechanism for adjusting the handle bar a bit tricky as its a bit fiddly

    Probably not great for muddy terrain, but I sling for muddy walks!

    Would still buy it again though. I loved the chameleon but it wouldn't have stored well in our house.

  • Sorry that's all come out as one massive list, something went wrong with the line spacing!

  • I would make a list of what you want from a Pram and then you can narrow it down that way-

    What is your budget

    Do you need good height adjustment on the handles (if there is a big difference in your and you H height)

    Do you want parent facing?

    Will you need it for off roading- dog walking etc

    Do you need a big shopping basket or do you normally use the car for shopping

    Check it fits in your car boot

    Not too heavy for you to lift in and out of boot.

    Where will it be stored on a daily basis- car boot or house? I have lots of shops etc close to me so pram lives in the house and I walk everywhere , do you then need to think what space you have in your house- hallway, porch etc, will it have to be folded up every time you come in the house or is there space to keep it set up.

    Do you want a separate carry cot for when they are little, but you then have to have space to store it once they out grow it, or if not you need a seat unit suitable from birth (has to lie fully flat, or has a wedge/insert to make it flat)

  • I have the mamas and papas sola. It's very unfortunately being discontinued. I love it!!! I honestly can't think of a single fault with it. I use it everyday and I love having a travel system. Worth every penny

    Whatever they are replacing the sola with im sure it will be just as good
  • I have a bugaboo bee this time. I haven't used it yet but I can't wait to, I should have got one with my son but never did. It's small, light, easily manouverable. I love it! We only have a small hallway and I wanted something I could push in the house and leave up if baby is asleep.
  • For my first two babies I had a Quinny Buzz.

    Pros: Looked good, comfortable for them, easy to put up. Carrycot and carseat options, although separate adapters needed. Forward and parent facing.

    Cons: Small basket, carrycot small compared to others, could be tricky to fold, quite large when folded. Air filled tyres which got punctures quite often. Brake was pretty hopeless. Couldn't adjust the recline with baby in seat.

    Sold it when pregnant with my third and got a Britax B-Smart 3 instead.

    Pros: Huge seat and hood, huge basket, handle can be folded down in small spaces, easy to fold and to put up, seat lays flat so suitable from birth, seat and carseat attach without need for separate adapters. Reclines one handed with baby in seat. Easy to push, front wheel locks easily if needed. Brake is easy to use. Solid wheels so no punctures!

    Cons: None! It really is my dream pushchair.

  • I have the baby jogger city select which I use as a double. Its quite long but really easy to steer and surprisingly not too heavy. When I knew I was expecting A I started looking at doubles and used to stop people in the street to ask them about their double pushchair! One lady even let me push her twins round mothercare once! Funnily enough, I get people stopping me and asking about mine now!

  • JT's question about height is an important one. I was obsessed about getting one with a height adjustable handle because I've pushed ones without and they crucify me. My Mum thought I was being bonkers until she fished my nephews old pram out for her to use and I stood next to it bent over trying to reach the handlebars. If either of you is really tall/short then you need to make to make it high on the list of considerations or have a constant bad back.

  • We've got the britax b-smart 3. I agree with everything Margot says, I can't think of a single negative! We got an amazing deal from kiddicare online, less than £500 for frame, stroller, lay flat pram bit, car seat, rain covers and footmuff. I'll keep it for number 2, wouldn't consider a different one.
  • I can sympathise G as I felt like I was worse than back to square one the first time we went looking!!

    We have the jane matrix2 trider. I absolutely love it!! We got the 'extreme' as we do a lot of walking with the dog and I need something sturdy.

    Pros -

    - The carseat has an adjuster at the back that means it reclines into 4 positions, including completely flat so the car seat is also the carrycot. I love this as even when O no longer wants/needs to lie flat, we don't have a carrycot to store anywhere as he will still be using it as the carseat. Plus the car seat can then be used flat (so you can travel for longer without having to worry about the baby being in the traditional car seat position). It also then adjusts to a traditional upright car seat for when you LO is older and wants to sit up. -  - The car seat can be used up to 13kg so will also last as a rear facing for longer.

    - Comparable with an isofix base.

    - The carrycot/car seat is suitable for overnight sleeping.

    - It's really sturdy and it also comes in a rider (4 wheels) if you don't like a 3.

    - One handle so easier to steer and handle adjusts in height.

    - Main pram part (so 6months plus) can be rear of forward facing.

    - The pram is higher than a lot of other prams we looked at and it can be used as a high chair when out and about as it's the right height for tables. Being high keeps the baby up above fumes too.

    - Can be folded with the main pram seat attached, both forward facing and rear facing.

    - Folds relatively flat and with the wheels off (they literally just pop off) it's even smaller.

    - everything clicks directly onto the pram chassis so no need for adapters of any kind.

    The only thing I will say is that's it is heavier than some other prams we looked at but in the same breath, some of the other ones to me looked like flimsy things and I found the carrycots really wobbly on them and not what I would describe as secure. I honesty couldn't recommend it enough and I feel like we really will get our monies worth as we'll be using the whole thing for years until he outgrows the car seat and no longer needs the pram x

  • I have M&Ps Ultima and hate it Laugh Not sure if they still make it mind you, I'm reusing the pram from baby #1

    If you are in Glasgow, definitely go to the pram centre near the Barrowlands, it has every pram imaginable.

    Agree with the others though - must fit car boot, decide if you need travel system, do you want a car seat that is isofix compatible, if you aren't using isofix is the seatbelt in your car long enough to go round car seat.

    If you have a list of requirements before you go, they'll be able to help you narrow down the options and let you try fitting in your car to be sure x

  • Thank you so much everyone.  Its been so helpful.

    Sweetpea and Weekender - I think I will take a trip to that pram shop in Glasgow.  I'll take backup with me though lol

    I've got a little list now to go and google and see whats what.

    I literally have no idea what I want or need.  I plan to be doing a lot of walking but I will also be in and out the car with the pram so need something thats easy to fold and carry.  Myself and H are keen runners so there has been a mention of running with the baby but tbh, I don't know how practical this is going to be and from what I've seen of decent running prams they are quite a bit chunkier, as they should be.  I'm not sure I want something so chunky for every day use.  I know we can't run with the baby until after 6 months so I'm thinking we get a pram from every day use and if we decide we would/could run with the baby then get a cheaper one later on that would do for the running alone which might only be once in a while.  Not even sure that makes financial or practical sense right enough??

    So that kinda leads me to another question I suppose - has anybody got a pram they can run with that is also practical for every day use????

  •  I can't help with that question obviously but it sounds like the fact you can't use a running pram till 6 months will be in your favour as you'll have a better idea of your routine by then. I imagine that H and I will exercise separately to allow us both that separate time out however it's so impossible to speculate about before bubs arrives isn't? A crystal ball would be so helpful!! We spent quite a bit on our travel system yet I'm wondering if we might end up using a sling much more frequently.

  • I haven't bought mine yet CA so I can't offer any advice about it. Just wondered if you're planning on a sling too? Might that have some bearing on which pram you go for?

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