Tell me about your VBACs - good and bad

Particularly interested in VBACs with a back to back / OP baby.

A was an emergency section despite me getting to 10cm as he was OP and brow presentation. I've been hopeful of a VBAC with this one, especially after a really encouraging meeting with the VBAC mw who summarised it as 'so long as this one is OA, you should have no problem having a quickish normal birth'. 

However, at 38 weeks, baby, much like her big brother was, has been ROP or ROT for weeks now, ever since she went head down. I'm more and more paranoid about the same thing happening again, which whilst still a positive experience last time, I'd quite like to avoid another section if I at all can.

I'd really appreciate people sharing their vbac or attempted vbac stories so I can adjust my expectations.


  • G was back to back and ended in emcs. Tried for vbac with P but turns out she was back to back too and got stuck at 6cm for 10 hours and had another emcs. However with a vbac you pretty much get what you want. I got my epidural when i asked for it. When things stalled i was asked if i wanted the hormone drip or cs and it was all very calm and a vwry positive experience. I am so glad i tried for a vbac or i would always have wondered what if. My birth story is in the real stories section if you fancy a read x

  • I had a very positive VBAC with J. He wasn't back to back or anything though.

    Had to be monitored the whole time, and a canula put in, in case we needed to rush down to theatre, but it was still a positive experience.

    15 minutes pushing, 9lb 9oz baby, no stitches needed (slight graze, fully healed after a few days)

    SO glad I got my VBAC, I felt cheated after my emergency CS with C.

  • As you know I had a positive vbac, I am on my phone right now so briefly:

    I am not sure what position A was in to be honest, but in short I arrived at the hospital at 3pm, was hooked up to the monitor but was allowed on birthing ball. She examined me about 4.30 and was 6cm. By 5.50 my waters had gone and I was pushing for 20mins and she arrived at 6:10pm. I had a small tear but that was her shoulders that came out together. Bit of a shame as she was a teeny 5lb12oz!  My EMCS was after a 31 hour back to back labour, got to 10cm but they suspected placental abruption and she got stuck

    Hoping for another vbac, especially if it is as quick as last time!

  • Thanks all. MM I remember your birth story from the time but will go re-read it now. AK - the weird thing is with A I didn't feel cheated out of a vaginal birth but this time I feel I might be. N, fingers crossed you get a second vbac.

    Interestingly my NCT friend who had her second via vbac this week told me last night that she was back to back, so I feel a little more encouraged by that. Have a growth scan on Wednesday so hoping they predict a nice little 7lb-er, which seems more doable back to back than the 9lb A was.

    Oh I just want to know what will happen, then I can either stop getting my hopes up or think more positively about it all.

  • I think I felt cheated, as I had only known I was pg for around 10 weeks, before I had him. Didn't get a proper pregnancy, or a proper birth. I felt my body had totally failed me.

    Its good that your NCT friend had a positive back to back story to tell you.

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