Temp but with no other symptoms?

C has had a temperature since I brought her home from nursery on Monday evening. Topped out at 38.5 then and went down with calpol. went up overnight and was still high in the morning (low 38s) so I kept her off. Again it went down with calpol during the day - she seemed much more like herself and ate lunch. Didn't eat anything in the evening and had slightly raised temp then (37.5). 

She's just woken for milk, and she's up again at 38.3. Given calpol and she's fallen back asleep, temp down slightly to 38.1. 

Looks like I'll be keeping her off again today (and therefore missing the lakeside meet Bawl) but has anyone any idea was to what it might be? I did think teething but she doesn't seem to have sore gums at all. No rash anywhere either. And would you take to the doctors for this? Temp isn't mega high, but ths fact it's been around for 36 hrs makes me wonder if she has an infection somewhere....


  • With no other symptoms it could be teeth - ethan did it a lot when he was cutting molars. But then it could just be a little lurch trying to clear itself.

    I must admit that ethan did this so often, in the end I would give calpol and if I bought the temp down I would send him to nursery and let them call me if necessary. They never did!

  • I personally would go to the doctor. My youngest has had 6 fits (febrile convulsions) all due to high temp, the one time he had 3 in 18 hours and A&E (4 doctors) never picked up he had tonsilitius, I asked to go to children's ward at his 3rd fit (within 18 hours of the first one), the doctors there picked it up. He had no other symptoms and was eating drinking etc

  • Teeth would have been my guess, A was teething his molars for a long time before they actually cut. I think as they move down they push all the others over a bit.

    Or she could be fighting off a bit of a virus?

  • M had a urine infection which took me ages to figure out, eventually asked her if she had a sore back and she said yes and pointed to lower back. Took three gp visits for them to test her and treat her but that's another story. She was sleepy, temp, little appetite. But varied from absolutely fine to conked out on sofa. If you've got a sample bottle I'd get a focus appt and take one with me, they can test it there and then

  • Docs, not focus!

  • J has been running a temp over the weekend, peaking at 39.4 on Sun and Mon. We took him to the doctors to check for anything obvious, and they couldn't see anything, and today he's back to normal temp. I have no idea what was up with him!

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