TENS machine

Do they work in early labour? If so which brand is best?

Im torn whether to bother or not.


  • Apparently so..unfortunately I didn't know I was in labour until it was too late on so mine never made it out of the box!

  • Yes. it was a lifesaver early on. You can hire them from various places like boots. HIghly recommend them.

  • Ive haired mine from a website i believe is called pregnancy tens? its £22 for 7 weeks hire x

  • I've been wondering this too LD. That's a brilliant deal NLH!

  • I used mine until I got into hospital - so at 10cm and pushing really! I took it off at that stage as it was doing naff all any more, but I loved loved loved it in the early stages. I hired from somewhere online (I don't remember where I'm afraid) for something similar to NLH.

  • I used the same as neverlosehope. No complaints. Worked too. X
  • I say yes they do work!

    I was induced, so my contractions came on pretty strong, very very quickly. I had only been on the drip for about an hour and within that time my contractions were coming every minute and lasting about 40 secs. I used the tens machine for about an hour and half before I just couldnt cope with the pain anymore and asked for gas and air. So I'd say it'd definitely be worthwhile in the early stages of a 'normal' labour. That boost button is great! I had an ELLE tens machine.

  • Thanks ladies, positive feedback all round.

    NLH, I had a look on that website and the deals are so good I think I am just going to hire one and it doesn't matter if I don't even use it. Thanks for the tip. x

  • Yes mine was a lifesaver last time, used it from first contraction to just before delivery - I hired it from boots but I enquired and they said they don't hire them out anymore (was 5 years ago) so I got mine from said website too. Just a tip - I still had mine on when my waters broke in hospital and because all the fluid went underneath my back it started to give me electric shocks! I was in so much pain I couldn't communicate properly so nobody could understand what I meant! So maybe don't use lying down if your waters are about to pop!

  • Yes, mine was great in early labour. Once established, it started to pee me off and I ordered H to rip it off. It was definitely worth it for the first 3/4 hours though. Most hospitals hire them too.

  • I loved mine - it was boots own.  I put it on when my contractions were coming every 3mins, I was even using it when on gas & air when contractions were on top of eachother and when I was pushing.  I only went onto gas & air as they kept taking blood from R's head, which was not pleasant. When a contraction came I put the strength right up when it went I put it down to a lower setting.  I did not talk to anyone all labour it was just me & my best friends tens machine :) I would highly recommend one.

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