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The name Devon for a girl



  • Both.  As I live in Devon though I can't use it. Like it though.

  • I know 2 girl Devon's, no boys

  • I knew it as a girls name before a boys so I think it's fine - and really nice btw. There was an actress in my so called life called Devon - or that was the character name, I can't remember much, and my Irish Mum knows it as a girls name too, not sure if it's used more over there. I wouldn't let it put me off.

  • There's a model/actress called Devon. I would have assumed that it's more of a girls name.

  • Really glad there seems to be quite a few girls with the name as I'd only come across it for a boy.

    I don't know what sex thus one is yet but I'm not as keen on it for a boy as a girl but am feeling a bit happier about it as a girls name now. Thanks ladies x

  • Yes i like it too.  I would use it for both.

  • I taught a girl named Devon. I really like it!

  • Ive never known a girl nor boy called Devon but I think it sounds fine for a girl. I wouldn't worry about it being a place name - my friend has name her boy Harlow. (She doesn't live in Essex). I dud think it was a bit strange to start with but now it's his name iykwim.

  • I like it and think it's quite unisex, although I do think it's quite American.

    Devlin is the name of a character in that film 'Just go with it' and the kids use it as a nickname for going for a poo so that's what I associate it with now!

  • HorseFan
    my friend has name her boy Harlow. (She doesn't live in Essex).

    Nicole Richie has a daughter called Harlow.

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