The rage so early?

Is it possible to have the rage at 33 weeks?

I have no patience at all, actually can't have a conversation with my H without wanting to knife him, I am literally counting down the minutes until the kids are in bed (from about 7am) the dogs are getting under me feet and p*ssing me right off, even the post man was annoying me today because he was taking so long! 

Not sure my marriage can put up with another 2 months of this!!


  • Haha yes..ive had the *** a lot recently but thankfully its comes and gos!

  • I've had it pretty much constantly recently!

    Poor lady on Virgin tech support got a right ear full yesterday.

    Kids bedtime is getting earlier and earlier just so I can get peace. S is out tonight and I'm glad I dont have to try be nice to him!

  • Yep, almost had a meltdown in primark earlier on because of the queue!!

  • Ha must be something in the air, I've been in a grump all week, been ranting and raving about everything and anything, people have been keeping out of my way Laugh

  • I've had the rage for the past fortnight...I'm 12 weeks lol

  • Glad I'm not the only one. He's come in from a night out and I'm not letting him in the bed, he can bunk with one of the kids or have the sofa!

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