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The Snip

My H saw the doctor last week about having the snip. They said that they would refer him etc.

How long does the process take and what is the recovery like after?


  • Referral could be within a couple of weeks, my Hubby has recently just had it done, in and out of hospital same day, went in for 8 am and was back home by 11 am.  Few stiches and bit of swelling/bruising, was given anti-flamatory and painkillers which at first he didnt take as he said it wasnt that painful, but i told him to take the anti-inflam ones just to help ease/aid recovery.

    He could of been back in work within 2 days but was already off for the week.  He said the following day he felt a bit stiff, as in walking but that was all.

  • Our referral took a few weeks, I think we were told 6 weeks but he got an earlier cancellation. I took him in as he was advised not to drive after and we were there about an hour I think. Lots of bruising so was very sore / tender for that day and achey for the next day, spectacular bruising for a week or so, but he had the procedure on Tuesday afternoon and was at work on Thursday. He does have a desk job though and would have had another day or so off if he needed to be active I think

  • Poor Mr Mooey Laugh

    Hope it goes ok! My Uncle had his done and was in and out within a few hours. He moaned about it for a week though and said it hurt but my Aunty was quick to assure him child birth is much worse! Mr WS is considering the procedure too!

  • My H had his done at our GP's as he runs a vasectomy clinic. He was home within 45 mins and he drove himself. Though he did look white as a sheet when he got homeLaugh

    recovery was quick. He just took it a bit easy for a few days and took pain killers and was fine.

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