The Sun (newspaper) Holidays for £9.50 offer - Codes

I''ve been collecting tokens for the Suns £9.50 holidays and thought i'd pass them on to you ladies in case you wanted to make use of them too.

The code words i have are:











The web address to go and book is


  • Hiya. We booked ours 2 weeks ago. These holidays go really quickly so I think all school holidays gone. But hopefully some odd weeks/weekends left which is ideal if you aren't restricted to term times

    You do know you don't need to buy the paper don't you? The codes are listed on money saving expert which means as soon as 10th code cracked you can book, it's the easiest way to get the European parks or the more sought after parks.

    We managed to get 2 breaks. One over Easter holidays and one at may half term.

    Enjoy your holiday. We do them every year, really fab for the children


  • We've not got school aged children yet, so it's not so bad, we can book a less popular date.  I knew you could get them somewhere, ,but H reads the paper anyway, so it was 6 and half a dozen really.

  • Thanks RKB! I wanted to do this but didn't know the codes were available (thanks CP) and we don't have husbands pat leave approved yet, but if we did I'd be on it. I did these 2 or 3 times a year with my son back in the 90's, we loved it :)

  • Just booked 4 nights for the end of September!  Feeling pretty good we've got 3 holidays booked for the year, and it's not even the end of January yet!!

  • Sounds good RKB :-) I persuaded H to let me book us 2 breaks, 1 end of March and 1 in September. Pretty happy as I didn't think we'd be able to go anywhere this year so thank you for telling me about this! xx

  • No bother lovely! We're going to Cleethorpes!  I've not been down that way before, but looks good!

    Where have you booked? If we weren't going to Lewis for the week, we'd have been heading down to your neck of the woods!  Xx

  • How do you book 2 breaks with the same codes? For some reason I thought it was restricted to one break per family?

  • You just go through the process for every break.... I think anyway! You can only book one break per transaction, but from what I can tell, you can book more than one.

  • No problem!  Hope you get somewhere good! :-)

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