The sweepstake babies are 6mo!

my O, hep's I and very excited's S are all 6 months old today! The race to the finish ended on 18th April, and no-one queue jumped in the end, despite some last minute threats from O Laugh

thye are turning into lovely little people, and I just wanted to say a happy half birthday to the other sweepstake babies, we really should get them together!

(I know I posted this the other day, sorry, can't resist posting a pic of my boy Love)


  • Happy half birthday!  Can't believe they're 6 months already

  • Happy half birthday! O is just gorgeous BW! P is 6 months in a week so i hope you dont mind if i join in and share a pic? Here is P yesterday sitting in the high chair for the first time!

  • Happy half-birthday to you all! X

  • How quickly time flies!!  

    Sophie is a wonderful child and has fitted into our family so well, the only down side is she doesn't like to sleep for too long in case she misses out... That includes all.night.long.

    She has started swimming lessons and weaning in the last couple of weeks and now gets the rage if someone else is eating and she isn't!!

    I have loads of photos on our phones but not many on my laptop, poor second child...

    Here she is enjoying some dinner:

  • Lovely photos btw!

  • Happy half birthday babies! Lovely pics.

  • I've not been on in ages but I couldn't resist a 6mo thread!

    Here is our sweepstake winner... Iris born 6 months ago today, where has it gone?!

    (P.S. She slept through from 5-20 weeks then broke, now doesn't EVER sleep. She's broken, I'm broken. But I love her to the moon and back.)

  • Cuties! Very excited do you remember myself, you and ek had a  rush to the finish line too? Lol x

  • Ah yes, I can't remember when your P arrived but ER's J arrived in the morning and my I took ALL DAY!!!!

    And I was still sulking the BG beat me by weeks when we were due at the same time.  I still haven't forgiven her!!

  • P arrived the day before, still overdue though lol

  • They are such treasures!

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