The terrible two's have started (and he's not even 2!)

When N doesn't get his way or doesn't want to do something he now lies on the floor on his back looking up at me. Or he sits on the floor saying 'No!'. Or if its nap time he lies down on his tummy and pretends to sleep. It's amazing how his legs suddenly don't work either.

is it just me? He's not two until February! Is this just life with a toddler now?

He does amuse me, mind, in so many ways!


  • Isaac has been like this for months Weep his face goes beetroot and he makes fists with his hands Weep


  • Yep o is like this too. If she doesn't want to do something or I tell her no she stamps her feet whilst squealing then throws herself on the floor shouting no. Hehe she is also not 2 until February.

  • O is the same...turns himself into a dead weight and sits/lays/crawls in floor (he has NEVER crawled either!!) whilst tantruming if he's been told no! We're also going through a bit of a "rough" phase...getting overexcited and going for our cat and trying to gouge my eyes out....he's only 19 months so feck knows what 2 brings ;-)

  • yes we are also going through a rough phase but I think that's to do with L wrestling with him, L is often in tears as I is so rough Laugh hes also pinching and hitting too but will say 'no hitting' 'no pinching' whilst actually doing it Weep

    hes just back from football where H said he was angelic and fluttered his eyelashes at the coach constantly, obviously the vile Isaac was left at home

  • C was like this for months before turning 2. She turned 2 yesterday and her tantrums seem to have doubled in frequency and intensity since Weep

  • Isobelle is a bit like this. She'll lie down on the floor when I ask her to do something she doesn't want to do. Luckily it doesn't last very long at the moment & I can usually talk her round with something else. She also loses the use of her legs when I try to pick her to change her & says 'lazy daisy' which is what I say to her when she tries to persuade me to carry her downstairs then lays down on the floor! So looking forward to it getting more intense.

  • Oscar is the same. He pretends to cry and says "dop it Elliott, dop it"   (stop it!) to his big brother when really he's the one hurting him!  He also lays down on his tummy with his face to the floor in protest. If I have done something wrong (i.e put a biscuit in the bowl in the wrong way) he will just screech and let it drop out of his hands to the floor. And he didn't want to leave the book shop today so crawled away from me REALLY fast , infront of all the peoples feet who were browsing the books. He can be quite embarrassing!

  • What is it with food. If I try to cut up food in front of her she goes ballistic. Today my h brought her a cake home & she couldn't figure out how to eat it so I cut it in half & she screamed at me with proper tears. Then I picked it up & showed her how to eat it & she was fine. It's crazy

  • Big time tantrums here too!! L never had them although now started at 7!!! K is just so opposite to her!! I thought his might be frustration as he's not speaking yet but I know alot of yours are talking lots so if they're still having them despite the talking its just his age I guess! I do find them amusing which doesn't go down well either haha!!!!

  • Ah isn't it nIce we are ell still going through things together!! Hehe!!

  •'s like a tri reunion! ;-) O has only just started saying words T, so I think some of his is frustration like K x

  • Hello tri friends! Ps 2 in 3 weeks and she's been tantrumming the last few months. Her speech is leaping forward though so I'm hoping that'll be one frustration gone in the not too distant future.

  • Oh don't worry TNP, C speaks loads and *still* has the tantrums - <gremlin voice> "Noooooooooooooooo fankyoo mummy, I don't want it coat on" *thrashes around on floor even more*

    At least she's polite when she tantrums WeepROTFL

  • yesterday was  an all new tantruming low, typically at a family birthday! Anytime anyone went through a gate the trying obe threw a huge stompy feet/hysterical crying paddy. I was semi grateful to leave him with H when it was time for work, until I had a crap night there too!! ;-) BW..  loving the manners!

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