Things I've cried at recently

A man being made redundant...who I don't know and it happened 4 years ago!

Watching amazing ice skating on youtube.

Thinking about starting maternity leave (even though I can't wait to be off with my baby).

I'm 22 weeks and this is my first so not sure how normal this is. Oh and it seems to swing the other way too. I was irrationally angry at my husband the other night for laughing too loudly! Even though I love hearing him laugh!


  • Oh bless you! I was terribly emotional during pregnancy but I normally cry at films etc anyway. To be honest, I'm worse now O is here, I well up when I look at him sleeping!

  • I was just the same! I went nuts at my H once for farting in the car. Like proper lost the plot!

  • I cried at the old jacks boat Christmas special - twice! And I'm not even pregnant! Bernard Cribbins has that effect on me - he made me cry in the Dr who Christmas special too! I wasn't pregnant then either!

  • I still get emotional at random things now and my youngest two are nearly 2. I used to be such a hard nut, its so awful Weep !!

  • Thanks for the reassurance! I'm really happy at the moment so it's good to hear this is normal! Just hard for my husband to understand as he thinks there's something wrong. Just need to stay away from youtubes and watching baby animals as that also sets me off with a lump in my throat!

  • Now I feel like a total witch! I haven't been more teary at all (yet). I reckon I'm going to be a total snotfest once baby arrives. I can sense I'm going to be really overwhelmed emotionally, like I was for our wedding. For now I've got Practical Mode on high setting lol.

  • Counter, don't feel like a witch! I'm a bit emotional anyway so it is no real surprise I've gone a bit emotional recently! I need to swap with you and get my practical mode in gear as need to clear spare room and decorate it and buy baby things. (Whispers) Haven't bought anything yet!

  • Well that's done it! I just spent 10 minutes reading and making notes on homebirth birth plans. I'm ready to blub! :)

    What will your first purchase be CG?

  • Ha, I was the same too. I cried a lot more AFTER having the baby though I'm sorry to tell you!

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